Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Jewish Civil War continues - MO are casualties.

100% kosher
Nov 24, 2008 20:39 | Updated Nov 25, 2008 7:32

...Converts, prospective and past, are still struggling with the question of whether they will be "kosher" enough after conversion. And if they troll online late at night to find lists of recognized rabbis and recognized baatei din, they'll find that all signs seem to point to one thing. Convert haredi and your conversion will almost be assured to be "kosher" enough for the Israeli rabbinate.

So what does that mean for the Modern Orthodox convert like me?...

Aliza seems confused here, so let me clear this up for her. According to the new rules, if she isn't Chereidi, she isn't Jewish.

...Meanwhile, for the past two years, my mother-in-law and her brother haven't spoken because he, living in Israel, doesn't think my Orthodox conversion was performed by the right rabbi. He's not quite sure I'm Jewish enough to be married to his nephew. My conversion rabbi wasn't on the approved lists he was looking at in Israel...

Nor will he ever be, and your husband's uncle will never accept you. Why? Because he is part of the philosophy that the Chereidi have adopted that there is no Judaism except ultra-orthodox Judaism, never mind how unhistorical this idea is.

Isn't all this news just a slap in the face to all converts? A sign that they'll never be truly accepted among the chosen people?

Yep, and that's the entire idea. Those Cheredi racists and bigots don't want their "pure" blood contaminated by yours. Of course, the reason I say "pure" in quotation marks is not a single one of them can prove they don't have any converts or non-ultra-orthodox anywhere in their geneology, either. But you, as a convert, are to be held to a higher standard because, well, you're a convert NOW - not 800 years ago. Somehow, that supposedly makes it different.

...And then there are the converts who are meeting with rabbis right now. They're telling themselves that they might not be ready for haredi standards. That they can fake their commitment to haredi values. That they'll do and say anything as long as they can get that conversion that's almost 100% approved everywhere. Their conversions to Judaism will not be the inspiring, spiritual experiences that I and other converts have had. Instead, their conversions will become nothing more than a desperate search for approval.

Approval which they will not receive - because the first slip-up, the first Modern Orthodox minhag or interpretation they are caught using means their conversion will be annulled. Because the Chereidi DON'T CARE about how many lives they ruin. All they care about is their quest to de-legitimize all other branches of Judaism. Modern Orthodox is absolutely within the halachic framework, but they don't care, because they can't control Modern Orthodoxy.

So, Aliza, you have a choice. You can pretend to be a medieval Eastern European who believes lice and mice appear spontaneously, mermaids seduce human men, and the moon used to be the same size as the sun, and that you must put on your right shoe first, and so on and so forth, or you can give up being Jewish. You see, the truth is that educated, intelligent people need not apply.

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Bronfman slams ultra-Orthodox conversion system
Former WJC leader and current Hillel chairman, billionaire Edgar Bronfman says Judaism must be more open, accept all those who wish to become part of it, or else Judaism would cease to exist
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...In an interview to Yedioth Ahronoth held in Jerusalem this week, Bronfman elaborated on his belief that Judaism should be more open and agree to embrace those who wish to become part of it without placing too many obstacles in their way. "I want to change the Jewish way of thinking," he stated, and pointed out that almost 50% of Jewish students come from a mixed-marriage family in which one of the parents is non-Jewish.

The Orthodox rabbinate wouldn't agree with you. According to the Halacha, only someone whose mother is Jewish, or who converted according to the [ultra-orthodox] Halacha is Jewish.

Bronfman is outraged by this notion. Judaism used to be an open religion, he said, and the rabbis have only sealed the book lately.

And he's right. But they don't care. MO and other sects of Judaism aren't Jews, as far as they're concerned, and they'd RATHER see Judaism die than give up the power they've acquired.

Frankly, until the STATE OF ISRAEL takes away their power to determine who can marry, who is "Jewish" etc. and properly assigns it to an unbiased authority that respects all sects of Judaism, this will never happen. They will not give up that power willingly - it will have to be taken from them by force.


Aliza "La Jewminicana" Hausman said...

Quite a provocative response there, Ahavah. I hope that not all Haredim believe that Modern Orthodox Jews are bad at being Orthodox. I don't begrudge them their ways and I wish they wouldn't begrudge me mine. As you said, we are all trying to work within the halakhic framework. Some of us are doing it minus the thick black stockings.

Ahavah Gayle said...

If you want to see what's going on in the conversion world, google EJF (Eternal Jewish Family). There have been several scandals associated with them, because the "universal conversion" standards they helped develop in conjunction with the Israeli Rabbinate do NOT include Modern Orthodox Practice in any form.

At an EJF convention it was declared that anyone who believed in modern science was not fit to be a Dayan for a Bet Din, or if a man wears a colored shirt. [Check out the Daas Torah - Issues of Jewish Identity Blog]

R. Tropper, head of EJF and "approved" by the Israeli Rabbinate for their new "universal" standards, recently stripped a woman of her conversion and her child (born after her conversion) and told her husband he had to divorce her - for the heinus crime of wearing long pants (which near Eastern and Far Eastern women have been wearing since about 800 BCE - nearly 3000 years. European men, on the other hand, didn't start wearing pants until the 1700s CE). These are historical facts, but the Chereidi do not care. Modern Orthodox women wear long pants with long shirts and jackets all the time, but if you do, you're not Jewish.

Tropper axed one woman for not covering her hair completely. Another family was rejected because they had to drive for one hour to a nearby town to get to a mikvah - Tropper insisted they had to move, which the husband could not because of his age and job.

Right now, most Chereidi communities do not allow the use of the Internet at home, or possession of a TV - and if you have these, you cannot be converted - and so on and so on.

So it's clear that accepting and using MO Minhagim means you are not accepted for converstion or, later, gets you stripped of your conversion under the new "universal" standard.

That makes it pretty clear - the only "real" Judaism is Chereidi Judaism. What I wrote is absolutely true - they don't like to publicize it in that way, obviously, but that's what it boils down to. I'm sorry you had to learn about it in this way, but the facts remain - you can ask any of the "approved" Rabbis on that list, you don't have to take my word for it.