Wednesday, November 05, 2008

One Upside to an Obama presidency... that he is supposedly very much in support of mass transit. He might be willing to give communities funding who request it for electric streetcars and trolleys and light rail systems, as well as for larger regional commuter rail and high speed rail. Several ballot initiates regarding transit systems, new and expanded, were being voted upon in various states.

According to my husband, a rail enthusiast, and a blog he recommended to me called The Overhead Wire, the unofficial word at the moment is that all of the rail initiatives passed in Blue States - that is, Democratic ones - and the only two that failed were in Red States, specifically one in Missouri and one in Kansas. Republicans are widely known to be bought and paid-for by Big Oil, so this is not surprising. I also see that Planetizen (an urban planning site) has some info on how some of these initiates fared in the voting.

So late this winter and early this spring, friends, is the time to submit your grant proposals to Obama's administration for electric mass transit for your community. That gives you a couple of months or so to flesh out your proposal - so go for it. Couldn't hurt to try, you know. If they're going to bankrupt the country, at least make sure you get something useful out of it, after all.

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