Monday, November 10, 2008

Speaking of elevating themselves...

...I had to shake my head at this post on DovBear, which illustrates perfectly what I have endeavored to explain in my commentary on Decline of the West vis-a-vis the Ravs:

Monday, November 10, 2008
וְנַעַר קָטֹן נֹהֵג בָּם
A paraphrased, embellished, and possibly entirely invented conversation

Kid: I don't understand something I heard in school today


K: The rabbi said that speaking to someone in the third person was always a sign of respect, and that we don't do this nowadays because we live in a disrespectful society.


K: But how can this be? Three times a day I say, "vten tal." I never say "V'hashen yeeten tal." Davening is full of examples like this. Why does a Hasidic Rebbe deserve more respect than God?

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Ah, wisdom from the mouths of babes. The answer is, they don't.

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