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Decline of the West Chapter seventeen.

This is a very short chapter. My comments will be in brackets.

Decline of the West
Oswald Spengler
Chapter seventeen
The State:
The Problem of the Estates

A fathomless secret of the cosmic flowings that we call Life is their separation into two sexes. The Dual direction of dual being, of the masculine and the feminine, manifests itself.

The Feminine stands closer to the Cosmic. It is rooted deeper in the earth and it is immediately involved in the grand cyclic rhythms of Nature. The Masculine is freer, more animal, more mobile - as to sensation and understanding as well as otherwise - more awake and more tense.

The Male livingly experiences Destiny, and he comprehends Causality, the causal logic of the Become. The Female, on the other hand, is herself Destiny and Time and the organic logic of the Becoming, and for that very reason the principles of Causality is forever alien to her. Primevally, too, woman is the seeress, and not because she knows the future, but because she IS the future. The priest merely interprets the oracle, the woman is the oracle itself, and it is Time that speaks through her.

[On the religious level, this is why the Shekinah of Elohim at the Temple is considered feminine, of course.

On a more practical note, it is very silly indeed for feminists to pretend that there is no real difference between men and women. Our different hormones affect even the wiring of our brain as it develops, and ignoring scientific fact for an impossible Cultural goal is a useless endeavor. Women will never be "identical" or "equal" to men, no matter how much feminazis pretend otherwise.]

Here, strangely clear yet enigmatic still, we have a dual significance of all living happenings - on the one hand we sense cosmic flow as such, and on the other ahnd the chain and train of successive individuals brings us back to the microcosms themselves as the recipients, containers and preservers of the flow.

It is this "second" history that is characteristically masculine - political, social, more conscious, freer and more agitated than the other. It reaches back deep into the animal world, and receives highest symbolic and world-historical expression in the life-course of the great Cultures. Feminine, on the other hand, is the primary, the eternal, the maternal, the plant-like, the culturelesss hnistory of the generation-sequence which never alters, but uniform and inconspicuous passes through the being of all animal and human species. In retrospect, it is synonymous with Life itself.

[If you read a historical account of some famous past event, you rarely read about how they had to stop and prepare food and eat on the way, had to take care of the children and the elderly on their journey, had to wash the clothes and mend, had to teach the young, had to heal the sick and scratches and bruises of everyday life...these things don't make the pages of history books unless they are very overwhelming crises in and of themselves - yet no troop of colonists, adventurers, or soldiers ever undertook some event later considered "historic" without these everyday life occurrences happening to them as they went along. But we don't think about those or hear about them. (And you will read a historical novel, even, or a sci-fi or fantasy book about a heroine and her company making a weeks or months or years long trek across some wilderness on some quest or another - and they never mention her time of month.) Western Culture does not VALUE women's contributions to history and society - and when women are featured, they are MASCULINIZED, stripped of what makes them women in such histories and stories. The Book of Genesis describes a wife as her husband's help-mate - Western Culture has tended rather to make her his slave.

And Chereidi Judaism has not failed to absorb this incorrect and imbalanced view of women. In many Chereidi communities, women are either sold into slavery (separated from their children all day and made to work for some goy or some other master) so the men can sit idle all day, or else the woman are treated as brainless baby-makers who can't possibly have anything of intelligence to contribute to Jewish society. Or worse, they're treated as both at the same time.

There is no way in Chereidi Culture that Devra could ever have been a Judge and Leader. There is no way in Chereidi culture that Chulda could ever have been a prophetess at all, much less give the deciding vote on whether or not a book of the Torah was authentic or not. These things that God ordained to be acceptable are not acceptable to the Chereidi, because of their absorption of the Western fear and hatred of women.

Marriages are empty and pointless, with few people finding true love or happiness, because women are looked upon as good for nothing but their husband's sexual gratification and raising children (and not so much raising children anymore - since the Chereidi don't want kids raised by their mothers, they want them raised in the Chereidi schools so the Ravs are the ones in charge of their education and upbrining. So that just pretty much leaves sexual gratification and possibly making money as the sole purpose of women in Chereidi society. They are not allowed any real participation in Chereidi religion, so they are forced to either go without their religious needs being fulfilled or to make up their own spirituality in secret.]

Here, in man and in woman, the two kinds of History are fighting for power. Woman is strong and wholly what she is, and she experiences the Man and the sons only in relation to herself and her ordained role. In the masculine being, on the contrary, there is a certain contradiction: he is the man, and he is something else besides, which woman neither understands nor admits, which she feels as robbery and violence upon that which to her is holiest. This secret and fundamental war of the sexes has gone on ever since there were sexes, and will continue while they continue. In it, too, there are policies, battles, alliances, treaties, and treasons.

Thus history has two meanings. It is cosmic or politic, it is Being or it preserves Being. There are two sorts of Destiny, two sorts of war, two sorts of tragedy - public and private. Nothing can eliminate this duality from the world. It is radical, founded in the essence of the animal that is both microcosm and participant in the cosmic. It appears at all significant conjunctures in the form of a conflict of duties, which exists only for the man, not for the woman, and in the course of a Higher Culture it is never overcome, but only deepened. There are public life and private life, public law and private law, communal cults and domestic cults. As Estate, Being is "in form" for the one history, as race, breed, it is in flow as itself the other history. This is the old Germanic distinction between the "sword side" and the "spindle side" of blood-relationships. The double significance of directional Time finds its highest expression in the ideas of the State and the Family.

[In modern Western Culture, women's roles have of necessity been twisted and warped to serve the modern Economic Paradigm, which considers all persons of no value unless they participate in the paid Economy that benefits the Robber Barons. Whereas previous generations of women banded together to provide child care and elder care and gardening and caring for the sick and caring for those in mourning and caring fore new mothers and so on and so forth all as volunteer or co-op societies, the new masculine-run paid economy insists on profiting from these ventures - even though adding the burden of profit to these ventures means less QUALITY of Life for everyone. The masculine profit-motive has ruined both wider Western Society and Chereidi Culture - greed and love of money far and away replacing compassion and empathy and sharing of resources as the engine that runs our communities. The sustainable "women's history" has been shunted aside by the unsustainable growth-forever conquering paradigm of "men's history," to the hurt of children, the elderly, the sick, the planet's ecology, and finally the economy itself.]

Practically everything that has been achieved in world-history, in war and in that continuation of war by intellectual means that we call politics, in all successful diplomacy, tactics, strategy, in the competition of states or social classes or parties, has been the product of living unities that found themselves "in form."

The word for "race" or "breed"-education is "training" (Zucht, Zuchtung), as against the shaping (Bildung) which creates communities of waking-consciousness on a basis of uniform teachings or beliefs.

The "good form" and ceremonies of a given society are sense-presentations of the beat of a given species of Being, and to master them one must HAVE the beat of them. Hence women, as more instinctive and nearer to cosmic rhythms, adapt themselves more readily to men to the forms of a new milieu.

[Women are more flexible and adaptable because we have to be - a sick child throws your whole schedule out of wack, a shortfall of funds means the menu has to be totally revamped, a leak or malfunction of any appliance means an old "by-hand" method needs to be resurrected temporarily (or permanently!). Women see the necessity for an organic range of halachic observance, from lenient to strict, because real life isn't one-size-fits-all at all times. This is why women are excluded from positions of leadership, prophecy, and real teaching in Chereidi Culture because Chereidi Culture has adopted an artificial "one right answer" paradigm to Judaism which is completely inflexible, completely lacking in adaptability, and has no compassion for the difficulties that such an unrealistic standard creates upon people. A man feels that those coming to him for advice must simply buck-up and conquer the unrealisticly strict requirements. A woman looks for the acceptable answer that benefits the family and lessens their burdens - which is obviously not going to be the strict interpretation. Hence Chereidi Judaism does not value women or their experiences or their compassion and problem-solving inclinations. They want the "right" answer rammed down everyone's throats, like the imperialistic conquerors of every other Culture before them.]

The proletarian man never becomes wholly an aristocrat, the aristocrat is never wholly proletarian - on in the sons does the beat of the new milieu make it appearance.

[Only as long as they are raised by women. At the point they are taken away from their mothers and put into boy's schools and yeshivas and kollels to be raised by Chereidi men they become themselves completely incapable of adapting to changing social and economic conditions - just like their teachers today.]

The more profound the form, the stricter and more exclusive it is. To the outsider, therefore, it appears to be a slavery. The member, on the contrary, has a perfect and easy command of it.

[To a point. As UOJ recently re-iterated, some 40% of FFB Jews go OTD. The "perfect and easy" command of any social system only works and is true if that social system is just, is compassionate, is reasonable, and works in the real world. Chereidi Judaism is none of these things.]

In all High Cultures, therefore, there is a peasantry which is breed, stock, in the broad sense, and a society which is assertively and emphatically "in form." It is a set of classes or Estates, and no doubt artificial and transitory. But the history of these classes and estates is world-history at highest potential. It is only in relation to it that the peasant is seen as historyless.

[What has become the problem in Chereidi Culture is the imperialism of this transitory but currently in-power class. This class is no longer content to let the am-ha'aretz live out their simple and multi-faceted tolerant interpretation of Torah and Halacha. Now the Chereidi want to impose their stringencies, which only "work" for their small elitist sub-set of the population, onto everyone else - even against their will.]

This Culture is wholly unlike any other thing in the organic world. As Estate, he breeds hismelf just as he breeds varieties of animals and plants in which he is interested - and that process, too, is in the deepest and most final sense "Culture."

[In a quest to genetically engineer the "perfect Jew," the Chereidi Shidduch process has aspired to do what Hitler wanted to do, create a "pure" race which is not "contaminated" by outside or inferior influences - the pursuit of a mythical "racial purity" which is identified by what color you are and how many stringencies you impose on yourself. This "artificial selection" of the marriage and breeding process has only one goal - to eliminate all "non-ultra-orthodox" influence from a family's bloodline and make them as white as possible.]

Culture and estate are interchangeable expressions, they arise together and they vanish together. The breeding of select types of wines or fruit or flowers, the breeding of blood horses, IS Culture, and the culture, in exactly the same sense, of the human elite arises as the expression of a Being that has brought itself into high "form."

True history is not "cultural" in the sense of anti-political, as the philosophers and doctrinaires of all commencing Civilizations assert. On the contrary, it is a breed of history, war history, diplomatic history, the history of being-streams in the form of man and woman, family, people, estate, state, reciprocally defensive and offensive in the wave-beat of grand facts.

[Hence the revisionist history of the Chereidi, that pretends their culture is "min har Sinai" and expunges all the real world history of multi-faceted sects and regions with their interpretations of Torah observance that went from the minimum of observing the Written Torah alone to the "maximum" of Talmudic ultra-orthodoxy. By "changing" the life-history of the people, they achieve their Imperial, Monetary and Political goals.]

Politics in the highest sense is life, and life is politics. Every man is willy-nilly a member of this battle-drama, as subject or object - there is no third alternative.

[Well, there is a 3rd alternative - leave the Culture. Many have chosen to do so, more will choose to do so in the future.]

"Race" can dispense with language, but the very speaking of a language is an expression of antecedent race, as are religions and arts and styles of thought and everything else that happens in the history of the spirit - and that there IS such a history is shown by the power that blood possesses over feeling and reason.

For this reason nobility in the world-historical sense counts for much more than comfortable Late periods allow. It is not a sum of titles and privileges and ceremonies, but an inward possession, hard to acquire, hard to retain - worth, indeed, for those who understand, the sacrifice of a whole life.

[This is what the BT's think they are gaining for themselves, but they are never really accepted. Most FFBs won't even marry the child of a BT, or even the grandchild of one in some areas.]

That which [Spengler] called cosmic beat or pulse receives in this aristocracy its fulfillment. For all that in riper times we call diplomatic and social "tact" - which includes strategic and business flair, the collector's eye for precious things and the subtle insight of the judge of men - and generally all that which one has and does not learn, which arouses the impotent envy of the rest who cannot participate, which as "form" directs the course of events - is nothing but a particular case of the same cosmic and dreamlike sureness that is visibly expressed in the circlings of a flock of [rare] birds or the controlled movements of a thoroughbred horse.

[This envy, however, eventually leads the lower "ruled" classes to wonder why they should have to put up with the power-mongering, social terrorism, violence, shame and hatred of those who "rule" them, and then a revolution will occur. In the case of Chereidi Judaism, people can and will just walk away - either physically or mentally, either publically or privately (in their own homes). But, if it appears to them that this is not possible (whether in reality or just in their own minds) then the revolution will take a more physical form. Those OCD control-freaks attempting to micromanage their lives will find that they are outnumbered by an angry mob who is sick of tired of being exploited and downtrodden.]

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