Thursday, January 29, 2009

Au Revior - for the time being.

And with that, I am going to have to take a break from blogging this semester. When I started blogging in 2005, "this, that & whatever" was pretty much that. I didn't really have much direction then. Over time, however, some clear trends emerged.

At this point, in fact, I feel like what I'm writing is getting tediously repetitive.

So I'm going to take a break until at least summer. At that time, also, I will finally work on reformatting the blog. As many of you know, Blogspot introduced many new and interesting features this past few months, but in order to take advantage of them the bloggers have to lose all of the custom work they have done on their template. For many people, that was not an issue at all and they changed over easily. However, in cast you hadn't noticed, I have done an extensive amount of custom work on my template, inserting all the charts and graphs and links prior to the new template format which makes this much easier. And for those who don't know, when you convert the blog to the new template, ALL your custom stuff disappears.

That means I need to go through ALL the charts and graphs that have ever been posted, both to the side column and in the articles themselves, and figure out which ones are still up to date and which ones need to be replaced with new ones - and then re-enter every last one of them onto the new Blogspot template format. Ditto for the links and such. Blah.

So it will be a bit of work to enable this blog to have all the nice new bells and whistles that Blogspot is offering, and I won't have time to do that until next summer. In the meantime, I don't plan to post anything.

I will still answer emails and moderate comments, if any, so I will leave the Blog up and check in on it periodically to make sure it stays up. That way you can use the search function and still find the posts or information you want.

And, in the end, I may just decide it would be easier to start a new blog than to try and copy over all this stuff to the new format. If I do, I will post the new blog address here.

So, shalom everyone. Have a nice spring. Au revior!

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