Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Update on the war against Modern Orthodoxy.

The War on Modern Orthodoxy isn't just against modern orthodoxy, of course. It's against the validity of any and all sects of Jews who are not ultra-orthodox. Now, we see in a clarification of the Rabbi's ruling, that if you are a Jew who is in a profession that involves art or literature or (Hashem forbid, philosophy or other religions!) then you're not a real Jew. Oh, by the way, if your family is dealing with a debilitating disease or birth defect or injury that interferes with any aspect of observance, such as Alzheimers, well, then, you're not Jewish, either. That's the gist of Chereidi policy.

Here's the follow up from Failed Messiah:

Haredi Beit Din Voids Conversion
Shakespeare, All Non-Jews Antisemitic, Rabbinic Judge Says
January 20th, 2009

..."Then the judge began to ask Yossi what he does for a living. Yossi told him that he was a Shakespearean actor. The judge responded that Shakespeare was anti-Semitic. We all thought he was referring to a Merchant of Venice. There was an attempt to convince him that in other plays Shakespeare came off as philo-Semitic.

"But we quickly realized that he was not referring to Shakespeare's work. He said that all goyim are anti-Semites. Then he turned to Yossi and said, 'you aren't Jewish either.' The implication was clear."

...So Yossi Fackenheim lived an Orthodox life for most of his childhood, as did his father and mother and the rest of his family.

But when a terrible disease ravaged Yossi's mother, religious observance slacked.

The family did not renounce Judaism or stop affilliating as Jews. It just became less observant as it dealt with one of the most difficult and time consuming longterm diseases families confront...

Only this generation of haredi rabbis, so isolated and so removed from the day to day life of the Jewish people, could have produced a man so heartless, so arrogant, and so bitterly cold.

It's also my understanding that they don't allow conversions for blind or deaf people, since that "interferes" with their observance. (I don't recall where I read this, only that I read it. If someone can send me a story on this topic I'll be happy to post it.) So if you are a Jew with a disabled child, well, you know where this is going. Only perfect people are Jews. Got that, class? Nobody else need apply. With Rabbis like these, who needs enemies? They're doing their best to exterminate all other Jews, the vast majority, by judicial fiat - never mind the Arabs. At least the Arabs are just killing bodies. These men are killing people's souls and laughing about it.

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