Thursday, January 22, 2009

What happened? Politics.

The Women in Green sent this email recently, regarding the all-out effort made to secure a pardon for Jonathan Pollard. For the record, I agree that his sentence is completely out of proportion to his supposed crime - the average sentence for others has been about 5 years, he got life. It's clearly an unjust sentence. Anybody who has any intellectual honesty at all knows that. But that's, frankly, not the issue any longer.

Why was the Pollard clemency bid dismissed?
J4JPnews - January 21, 2008

...Why did the Campaign Fail?

This was no ordinary campaign. After 24 years, we pulled out all stops in working for Jonathan's release. We had the best lawyers. They filed a dynamite petition that really explained the massive injustice and clearly demonstrated the gross disproportionality of Jonathan's sentence. We worked around the clock lobbying and making the right contacts. We had access to the White House and intensive behind-the-scenes contact. We had recommendations from those who matter most in the clemency process. We had massive grassroots support and participation in the US and Israel. In short, we left no stone unturned in doing whatever it took to present the best case to the President for commutation of Jonathan's life sentence to the 24 years he has already served.

Unfortunately, the hurdle we were not able to overcome, was a President who simply decided to dismiss all high profile petitions out of hand. All of the high-profile petitions -- ones that might evoke the slightest controversy-- were left to the very end, and then simply ignored.

Why? We don't really know.

Well, I do. Look at the stats. We see that 83% of Jews supposedly voted for Obama - and then we turn around and ask Bush for a favor?

Do they not know how to play this game? You don't get favors from people you didn't support. You only get favors from politicians whose palms you have greased adequately, and for whom you voted in sufficient numbers to convince him you are faithful allies. You don't vote for the other team and then expect a favor. It just doesn't work like that.

And she ought to know that by now. So should we.

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