Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Future Watch: Cancelation of insurance for large/religious families.

VIN (from the Jewish Chronicle)
Hundreds of Orthodox Jewish Families Left with Unpaid Health Claims
Published on: May 25, 2009 at 02:35 PM

Stamford Hill, London - Hundreds of Jewish families claim they have been left out of pocket because a leading health insurer has failed to pay out for their treatment.

They are backed by angry dentists, opticians and chiropodists who say insurer HSA has failed even to respond to applications they made on behalf of the patients.

Many of the patients are from large strictly Orthodox families in Stamford Hill, north London. They are furious at the lack of response.

One community leader believes Jewish families are being “targeted” because of the large number of children on their policies, a claim that HSA denies...

...“I recently sent emails asking for an explanation as to why no-one has communicated with me at any stage, but I just get bounced around by customer services. My questions aren’t going anywhere.”

Homeopath Judith Posen has advised patients chasing for claims to “call them directly” after so many of her clients complained they were not being paid. She said: “HSA claim that they can’t pay out on treatments because I’ve not responded to their letters — but they’ve never written.”

Michael De Jong, practice manager of Silverman Opticians, said: “Hundreds of my patients are owed money from HSA,” while chiropodist Steven Weiner said he had “never been contacted by HSA”, despite more than a dozen of his patients being told he had been sent correspondence.

Dr Michael Horowitz, a Stamford Hill GP whose wife and eight children were insured with HSA, says he is owed £800 for treatments.

He says a company representative visited his home in March and examined receipts and bank statements. He was even asked to show his children’s birth certificates.

But more than a month later he was told by phone that his insurance £45-a-month premiums had been cancelled. They have still not received payment for treatments.

He was one of several whose policies had been terminated after questioning why they had not been paid.

Miriam Veiss-Fish received a letter in February telling her that her policy was under review after she queried non-payment of her £400 claim.

She phoned customer services several times to be told it was “under review”.

Last week she received a letter telling her HSA was cancelling her premium payments until further notice.

HSA, which is part of the Simplyhealth group of medical practitioners, is attractive to Orthodox families because their Health Cash Plans provide insurance for “unlimited children” at relatively low premiums...

Chereidi and UO families have got to prepare for the fact that those days are over, period. Insurance is going to become completely unaffordable for large families, because companies are going to be surcharging more premium for every single child - not to mention surcharges for obesity, for various recessive DNA genes and sequences causing ethnic illnesses, for "refusal" to "cooperate" with treatments (including treatments or medicines on their formularies derived from unclean or forbidden sources), and just about any other reason they can think of to exclude large or religious families.

They will begin to require birth control or sterilization - that's for certain. They don't care that Jews are a minority and should not be subjected to population control measures. They want to make sure we stay that way.

The Jewish community is going to have to stop relying on government programs and private insurers run by Robber Barons and 100% self-insure for everything short of catastrophic care - and maybe even those types of policies, too, if things get bad enough.

We cannot trust the Robber Barons. We cannot trust government. It's time to realize the full implications of where government policy and health care policy are going, and work together to counteract it. Or, just do without - pick one.

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