Friday, May 22, 2009

Future Watch: Drastic Cuts to Social Services

Unfortunately, this article does not appear to be a spoof or be part of the humour page.

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Poor would be hard hit by proposed California budget cuts
The governor suggests dismantling welfare programs for families and ending CalGrants for college students.
By Eric Bailey and Patrick McGreevy
May 22, 2009

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Los Angeles Times
Governor plans to completely eliminate welfare for families
3:58 PM | May 21, 2009
—Eric Bailey

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is proposing to completely eliminate the state’s welfare program for families, medical insurance for low-income children and Cal Grants cash assistance to college and university students.

The proposals to sharply scale back the assistance that California provides to its neediest residents came in testimony by the administration this afternoon at a joint legislative budget committee hearing. It followed comments by the governor earlier today that he would be withdrawing a proposal to help balance the budget with billions of dollars of borrowing and replacing it with program reductions.

The proposals would completely reshape the state’s social service network, transforming California from one of the country’s most generous states to one of the most tightfisted. The proposals are intended to help close a budget deficit estimated at $21.3 billion.

It is clear, upon reflection, what the problem is. The Liberals, Aaaaanold included, can't or won't simply cut off welfare benefits, public school access, and medical care to illegal aliens so that those services are still available to US Citizens. No, they would rather just cut them ALL off, period, than make hard decisions that are distasteful to their cultural and political philosophy.

Clearly, California is so broke that Aaaaanold has to do SOMETHING to stop the bleeding red ink. And since the voters have rejected tax hikes (as well they should), cutting government programs is the ONLY other alternative.

We saw it coming - class. Chereidi and UO Jewish communities in California that rely on government largesse will, if this proposal is enacted even in small part, be in serious trouble. They are completely dependent upon welfare and charity for their survival, since they are uneducated and ignorant and unemployable for the most part in this modern world.

They will have two choices only - take whatever menial jobs fleeing Mexicans leave behind, or move to some other state. The menial jobs will, most likely, not provide an equivalent amount of support that welfare has provided. Entire Chereidi communities could be destroyed by families fleeing the state and both parents having to work two or three menial jobs to keep food on the table. The state child welfare agency will begin taking children away from destitute Chereidi parents who can't properly feed and clothe their children.

Those of us who saw this coming a long time ago will only be able to watch in fascinating disgust as the UO no doubt will attempt to exert political force in order to preserve their "right" to feed at the public trough. But we will have little sympathy. We told them to make their communities self-sufficient. We told them to make sure the young men learned arts and crafts and skills and professions that would support their families. We knew it was coming - they should have, too.

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