Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How un-PC!

We'll keep having babies
US protest of natural growth in settlements tramples fundamental human norms
P. David Hornik
Published: 05.13.09, 12:56 / Israel Opinion

In his meeting with Vice President Joe Biden last week, President Shimon Peres is reported to have said that “ending natural growth in settlements was a non-starter” and, in his own words, that “Israel cannot instruct settlers in existing settlements not to have children or get married.”

Non-Chereidi Jews in American have bought hook, line and sinker into the idea that we have some sort of obligation to go extinct - that is, to reduce our birthrate to less than replacement levels. This is obvious because that is what they have in fact done. To them, Jews and Judaism have no reason to continue to exist and to keep our demographic strong enough to defend our rights and our needs.

So non-Chereidi Jews dwindle away while the UO grow exponentially - along with the Muslims. It's not hard to see, then, why another article predicts the disappearance of non-Chereidi Jews, because they are clearly actively participating in their own demise.

The Jerusalem Post
Non-Orthodox Judaism disappearing
Matthew Wagner, May. 10, 2009

...The National Jewish Population Survey of 2001 found that of the 46 percent of US Jewish households belonging to a synagogue, 33% were affiliated with a Conservative synagogue, a 10% fall from the 1990 survey. In contrast, the Reform Movement was up from 35% to 38% and Orthodox Jews rose from 16% to 22%. Two percent were affiliated with the Reconstructionist Movement and 5% with "other types" of synagogues...

The increase in Reform membership has more to do with interfaith families joining and the non-halachic acceptance of children of Jewish men and non-Jewish women than it does with any actual increase in Reform Jewish children. There are so few children in each grade's class in these communities that they have little choice but to marry out, and most do. The reason there are so few children, of course, is the rejection of their obligation to increase or maintain the Jewish population and the acceptance of abortion and other population control measures. The results of accepting these non-Jewish teachings are now becoming apparent - less Jewish children, more marrying out because of it, and diminishing natural born non-Chereidi Jewish population.

It is also true that the Modern Orthodox leadership is not stepping in to meet the needs of these people, who clearly do not want to be Chereidi and live a lifestyle straight from the middle ages. Intelligent Educated Reform and Conservative Jews are not going to reject secular education and careers for the children they do have, nor will they be confined by burdensome stringencies. The MO leadership, however, has not stepped up to the plate and educated Reform, Conservative, and Secular Jews about the option of Modern Orthodoxy - and indeed, many MO leaders seem hell-bent (pardon the pun) on joining the Chereidi in their goal of invalidating MO practice. Doing so will not make intelligent, educated Jews turn to the UO sect - it will only convince them they have no real option but to become secular or intermarry.

The Chereidi would say, "so what?" They don't care about the fate of other Jewish families. As far as they're concerned, if you're not UO, you're not really Jewish. As long as MO appears to agree with this, myriads of Jews will continue to disappear from the rolls and buy into the PC lies of secular culture - willingly aiding and abetting the slow extermination of reasonable and sustainable Judaism.


The Leader, Garnel Ironheart said...

First of all, welcome back.

Second of all, as you're well aware Orthodox dropout will keep the ranks of OTD's, Reformers and Conservatives well stocked for centuries to come.

Ahavah Gayle said...

I'm not so sure about that. Most of the OTDs I know and know of seem to end up rejecting religion completely - understandable, since the Rabbinate has been at pains since they were born to teach them that the UO Rabbinate is the only Judaism and everyone else is going to hell. If you're going to go to hell anyway, you may as well have fun on the trip - so why join some other sect? That mentality is hard to overcome.

Groups that should be working hard at showing Torah alternatives, such as the MO and Karaites, aren't. In fact, MO is busy helping the UO Rabbinate deligitimize itself, so they can hardly be expected to offer a rational alternative. So people who go OTD don't usually set out to "reform" Judaism, they usually set out to eviscerate it. They conflate God with the Rabbinate - after all, the Rabbis themselves claim they alone speak for God - therefore people blame God for the idiotic things the Rabbinate does.

The Leader, Garnel Ironheart said...

You keep mentioning the Karaites but first of all, their importance is vastly overexagerated. Anyone with a web page today can provide a sense of importance (look at me, for instance) but that doesn't mean much in the real world.

Secondly, they are simply not Jews. I'm not wishing them unwell but that doesn't change the fact that they divorced themselves from the Jewish people and are now a group unto themselves.

Ahavah Gayle said...

You need to brush up on your history, not to mention current events. There are tens of thousands of Karaites, about 30,000 in metro Jerusalem alone, not to mention Europe and the US - and they are NOT considered non-Jews by either the Talmud or the State of Israel. In fact, during the middle ages of Europe and the entire Ottoman era of the Middle East, Karaites were the predominant sect. The "oral law" is a latecomer to the majority of Jews, and when it was being accepted by European communities, it was considered commendable for a person who accepted the oral law to marry a Karaite so their children would be brought up with the oral law (an early campaign of passive cultural genocide by the Rabbinate, we would say). At no time were Karaites branded as non-Jews and anyone who says that today is innovating, big time.

Ahavah Gayle said...

BTW, Garnel, I'm almost positive you once said that you weren't going to read or post on my blog anymore. Or was that just concerning email?

Ahavah Gayle said...

And one other thing: this post doesn't even mention Karaites! I think you're confusing this post with a conversation over at SJ.