Monday, May 25, 2009

The Jewish Civil War continues.


The Chereidi and UO sects have no intention of letting up on their assault against other sects of Judaism.

Religious Parties Demand:
Put Rabbinate in Charge of Conversion
by Gil Ronen
Published: 05/24/09, 10:56 PM

( Representatives from Shas, United Torah Judaism (UTJ) and the Jewish Home convened for an emergency meeting at the offices of the Chief Rabbinate Sunday and decided to block perceived attempts to erode Orthodox control of conversion to Judaism (giyur). The meeting was called at the behest of Chief Sephardic Rabbi Shlomo Amar, following the High Court’s decision last week to force the State to fund Reform conversion institutes...

...The forum decided unanimously to demand that matters of conversion be taken out of the control of the Prime Minister’s Office and be placed under the auspices of the Chief Rabbinate. Rabbi Amar asked the hareidi Knesset members to expedite the drafting of a law to this effect.

The participants were in agreement that the High Court decision last Tuesday grants a degree of legitimacy to Reform conversions and that it opens the door to eventual recognition of Reform conversions carried out in Israel. Israeli law currently recognizes non-Orthodox conversions only if they were carried out abroad...

...Sunday’s Yated Ne’eman ran an editorial blasting “the harsh and dangerous attempt by the High Court to force itself and to interfere in the most basic matters of Jewish Law, with the intent of aiding the industry of fake conversions that has been uncovered over the last few years, which enables thousands of non-Jews to assimilate among us while disguising themselves as Jews.”

Shas Chairman and Minister of Interior Eli Yishai said that “there are hundreds of foreign laborers and Palestinians who will make use of the reform conversion in order to gain citizenship in Israel.”

That is, of course, the most idiotic straw-man ever built. The Palestinian Authority (and every other Islamic government, for that matter) has the death penalty for any Muslim who converts to another religion. Suggesting any Muslims will endanger the lives and status of their extended families left under the PAs authority just for some sort of fake conversion to Judaism is simply ludicrous.

It shows either how stupid or how manipulative the Chief Rabbinate has become, I don't know which.

As for the foreign workers, they would not be needed if the Chereidi weren't so useless, lazy and uneducated and too busy living in the Middle Ages to participate in the duties of adults in a modern state.

And suggesting that the only "legitimate" form of Judaism is one that is economically and geo-politically suicidal is also ludicrous.

Personally, I am nearing the opinion that educated, intelligent Jews should leave Israel and leave the UO there to the very obvious fate they would have if all the other sects of Judaism packed up and left - complete and total annihilation at the hands of radical Muslims.

Apparently I'm not the only person having these thoughts, not exactly for the same reason but with most assuredly the same outcome:

...Again, I say as a committed zionist that Israel’s days as the country we know are numbered. We are looking at an Israel with a much smaller jewish population, a jewish population that is made up of ultra religious folks who are more committed to living under the shadow of a mushroom clowd - Dare i say it - a jewish population with a a Masada complex. This subject - the subject of millions of jews abandoning Israel out of fear for their lives - is truly the greatest taboo in our community - it really is too unpleasant for jews at any point on the political spectrum to contemplate - but it is coming. [From the Post: A comment by Steve, Jewish Immigration Policy as Worst Case Scenario Appears Ever More Likely, post by DK

Educated, intelligent Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Secular, Athiest (or whatever) Jews are only going to put up with being treated like dirt by the Chereidi for so long. Nobody wants to live as second class citizens, anywhere. So whether out of frustration with the Chereidi or the knowledge that without such a large percentage of the population working towards the defense of Israel there can be no chance of victory, if things don't change then non-Orthodox Jews will begin to leave. The Chereidi will welcome this, of course - because they think it will mean their victory, not their destruction.

But they are seriously deluded to think there would be any other outcome. They have no viable economy, no military training, and if they think they can just "live in peace" under modern Muslim rule then they haven't been paying attention to the news lately. Were the pathetic handful of Jews in Yemen any threat to anyone? No, they were not. Yet they were hunted down and shot like dogs on the street. This is what will happen to the Chereidi in Israel when the other sects of Judaism have had enough of their hate and spite and leave.

And if they continue to harass and play their power-mongering games against the rest of their fellow Jews, this is exactly what they will get.


SJ said...

Funny thing is Israel has enough trouble dealing with religious fundamentalism inside its own borders, how's Israel gonna combat religious fundamentalism from outside its borders? O.o

Ahavah Gayle said...

I guess the wackos over here are our problem, not theirs - at least in the short run. Fortunately, anti-zionism seems to be a big part of the Chereidi communities here, so they're not going to go plague Israel until they violence and harassment against Jews in the US becomes a serious problem. Then they'll suddenly "get it" about the need for a homeland.

I have written before, however, that there are some things they can do. One, require an oath of loyalty to the state of Israel from all immigrants, even those of Jewish heritage. That will prevent some from moving in. Two, remove all exemptions for men to serve in the IDF - that will get rid of most of the potential Chereidi immigrants almost immediately. Or, if that is too unpalatable, remove government assistance to the households of all able-bodied men of age who refuse military service.

I'm sure you can think of others. None of these would be discriminatory, they would apply to anyone coming into the country. Israel has a vested interest in promoting policies that are in the nation's financial and military best interest, after all.

SJ said...

>> they're not going to go plague Israel until they violence and harassment against Jews in the US becomes a serious problem.

I doubt it will ever be a serious problem.

Secondly, the IDF like I said before, should start a "Welcome to the 21st Century" program for Israel's charedim that covers a broad variety of issues.