Friday, May 15, 2009

Lack of real education a danger to Israel's future.

Jerusalem Post
May 15, 2009 0:17 | Updated May 15, 2009 3:04
Failure to invest in basic science 'threat to Israel's existence'

The "financial starvation" of basic science in Israel constitutes a threat to the state, Prof. Roger Kornberg, a professor of structural biology at Stanford University School of Medicine and a long-time visiting professor at the Hebrew University, has declared...

...He added that even when Israel hadn't had enough food and struggled for its existence during the early days of the state, its leaders had set aside money for research. "Today, Israel is much stronger financially, but ironically funding of basic research is on the decline...

"Today we enjoy the fruits of investments by [then-prime minister] David Ben-Gurion in the 1950s. The lack of investment today will diminish the economic basis for economic growth 25 years from now and will be nothing less that a strategic threat to Israel's existence," Kornberg declared.

The largest growing segment of schoolchildren in Israel are Chereidi who refuse to study science and learn the things that will enable them to make future progress in fields ranging from medicine to rocket science. You simply can't learn these advanced topics without understanding basic scientific concepts that the Chereidi refuse to learn because of clashes with their uber-literal fundamentalist understanding of creation. Without the basis of science in their education, they lack the knowledge and information needed to solve future problems or even deal with present technological and scientific realities. Their skewed and revisionist teaching of history and their simplistic explanation of everything happening as a result of people disobeying the oral law masks the true geo-historical-political reasons for both Israel's current situation and it's future possibilities.

The State of Israel, however, has been very tolerant - lax, even - about requiring Chereidi kids to have a decent modern education. And it is likely that even if the State cracked down on letting ignorance pass for education, the Chereidi would simply ignore the State of continue to find loopholes to work around the State's educational requirements - as they do now. It is, at essence, a power struggle that the State has chosen not to win. And the results of this failure to insist upon an educated populace only has one end - an uneducated populace that is too ignorant to govern their homes, neighborhoods, districts, cities or the State itself properly. All Israel's enemies have to do now is sit back and wait for these ignoramuses to be the majority and therefore be in charge. And it won't take long now.


The Leader, Garnel Ironheart said...

Your criticisms are unfair this time.

Israeli secular schools are ranked as more violent and unruly than most European counterparts. They fail not only to teach math and science effectively but also basic language and history. Is this the fault of the Chareidim?

The bottom lines is that while there are obvious deficiencies in the Chareidi system, they at least teach something. The secular system, on the other hand, doesn't even manage to do that. But as long as they can blame the Chareidim, it means they can avoid addressing this issue.

Ahavah Gayle said...

From an article by the European JEwish Congress:


Education Minister Yuli Tamir cited the diversity of the Israeli education system as a uniquely demanding factor. "The Israeli education system is abnormally heterogeneous," Tamir said. "It’s made up of four sub-systems - Hebrew state schools, Arab state schools, religious state schools and ultra-Orthodox schools. This multitude of disciplines requires additional budgets, a problem which the OCED’s exemplary countries don’t have to face."

Now, class - which of these teaches modern science and math at all? Not the UOs, not the Arabs, and maybe half the religious state-supported schools. That means only about 25-35% of Israeli students are even learning science and math at all - how do you expect the school system as a whole to score well?

Saying they're "violent" is vague - can you support that with a reference, please? The only violence I have seen lately is the expulsion of Sephardi students from Ashkenaz schools because they can tell Sephardi kids are from households that are "not intellectually rigorous." They can tell this because their skin is brown, like a normal Hebrew middle-eastern's should be, not catholic white like the Ashkenaz. Is that your idea of something they are "at least" learning, that racism is accurate and it's good to exclude others from their schools? Yeah, I can see how that will really help the UO students develop medicines and technology in the future - can't you?

SJ said...

Maybe charedim should be treated like the U.S. Army in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Like, what I am saying is, if the charedim want to act like middle eastern sheikdoms, then the IDF should treat them like middle eastern sheikdoms.

The IDF should occupy, yes I said occupy, charedi communities and

1) force integration of the genders in charedi communities.

2) force charedim to integrate with noncharedim

3) force secular studies on charedi schools.

4) provide public works opportunities for employment.

Ahavah Gayle said...

Or at least cut off all state funding for their schools for their refusal to meet state minimum educational standards. And, as I have said before, every bit of their state welfare and household assistance should be cut off if they refuse national service and refuse to either get a job or enroll is a state-certified training school for some skill or craft that will lead to employment. If they aren't going to be part of the state, the state should not be supporting them.