Sunday, May 24, 2009

The shoe is on the other foot - and it's ugly, too.


My, oh, my. This has got to be the funniest thing online today. Here a Chereidi argues that their "equal rights" are not being recognized because they refuse to teach their children secular academic subjects that they need in the real world. Of course, no such thing is true - the new bill would penalize ALL schools that refuse to adhere to state education standards. It's awfully amusing to hear Chereidi complain about their "rights" being trampled when they are the absolute first to trample on other people's rights to live in neighborhoods of their choosing and adhere to whatever sect of Judaism suits them. They're not big fans of OTHER people's rights, in case you hadn't noticed.

Jerusalem - Unrecognized Charedi Schools Will Not Be Budgeted In Children's Allowances
Published on: Today at 12:21 PM
News Source: VIN News By Ezra Reichman | Chedrei Chedorim

Jerusalem - The Treasury officials are scheming again! While coalition agreements with the religious parties have forced them to retain Children's Allowances for poor and large families, the shrewd bureaucrats have underhandedly found a formula to cut back the allowances: by creating criteria which will disenfranchise a large part of chareidi children. Children learning in unrecognized schools will now be ineligible for children's allowances.

Whatever school the child is studying in obviously has nothing to do with the fact that he still has to be fed and clothed. That Israel's Basic Laws guarantee freedom and equality to all citizens obviously hasn't made an impression on the heartless Treasury mandarins....

Of course, what a child is studying has EVERYTHING to do with how much welfare and charity that child and that child's future offspring will need. If their schools shortchange them by refusing to teach them secular academic knowledge, they will be burdens on society. The State, in fact, has a vested interested in deterring economically suicidal behavior. If Chereidi families won't send their kids to certified schools and won't obtain certification for their schools so they can avoid real academics, that should NOT be treated as equal with other families who make more intelligent choices.

The gedolim set up the chareidi community's schools at the beginning of the State so they were not under government auspices. The farsighted reason for this was to prevent hostile secular forces from meddling in the curriculum and thereby gaining control of the children.

By "gaining control of the children" they of course mean making the children learn math, history, health and hygene, economics, geo-politics, and other subjects that any citizen NEEDS to function in this day and age. They WANT their children to remain ignorant voters, not understanding what's going on around them - because educated people think for themselves. Can't have that, can we?

...These schools are termed in Treasury jargon "unofficial but recognized," and they comprise today close to 25% of all Jewish children studying in the State.

In addition to those studying in these school systems, there are many thousands more who are studying in private schools which are termed "unofficial and unrecognized." These are the schools of the separatist Aida Hachareidis, which do not recognize the State and refuse to take State funds, such as Satmar, Toldos Aaron, Shomrei Emunim, Breslav, Toldos Avrohom Yitzchak, Dushinsky, Bnos Yerushalayim, Chinuch Yerushalayim, Mishkan Sara, Bnos M'lochim, Rachmistrevke, Mesilas Yesharim, Meah Shearim, etc.

But they still vote, unfortunately. And they're still for the most part completely dependent upon welfare and charity. And there is absolutely no reason why their kids should not have a modern academic education - but apparently somewhere in the neighborhood of 30% of kids in Israel aren't. That is way too many ignoramuses in the pool of voters.

It is these children which the new budget criteria are seeking to disenfranchise and thereby save the State another few hundred thousands of shekels.

As you can see, the author of this article doesn't even know what the word "disenfranchised" means. The problem is not that their vote is being taken away - no, that would actually be an improvement. The problem is that they are still voting but are too uneducated to cast intelligent votes.

...the allowances will not apply:

"If the child does not regularly learn in an educational institution, according to its definition in the Compulsory Study Law, or if he is not registered in such an educational institution.."

Good. It's about time. Let them be ignorant on their own dime for a change. The taxpayers have no interest in subsidizing stupidity.

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