Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer already?

As you can see, I have started work reformatting the blog. Blogspot's new "Follow" and "Subscribe" features are now in place. I have conveniently listed the chapters of the books we have been working as groups, and will continue to do this as new books are added in the future. I have not yet chosen which book to do this summer, but whatever it is, I won't be starting on it until after the blog template is updated.

I have inserted several of Blogspot's new gadgets in the sidebar. Now begins the rather onerous process of choosing the charts and graphs from the old Template that are still reasonably relevant and up-to-date and inserting them in the sidebar. I will also be adding the "recommended reading" list as well as a "charitable giving" list, and I don't even know yet what else.

Later this week I will start posting news stories again, too. So stay tuned, class.

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