Sunday, May 24, 2009

UO Ignoramuses: Not Just in Israel.

Some people may have the impression that in the US and Canada, Chereidi schools (like all other schools) are required to teach basic state minimums in various secular academic subjects. You would be correct - they are required to, at least in Canada. In the US they are not required if they are willing to remain uncertified, but if they want certification they are supposed to. In the US, though, the only reason for worrying whether or not your child's high school is certified is if you want them to go to a real college or university. Since UO parents don't, many thousands of Chereidi schoolkids in the US have not been learning secular subject that they need to learn to be competent citizens. In Canada, where all schools are required to follow the minimum requirements, period, the UO have simply ignored them.

The Canadian Jewish News
Chassidic schools pressured to abide by Quebec law
Thursday, 07 May 2009

...The newspaper reported that she [Canada's Education Minister] is recommending that the case of the Satmar community’s Yeshiva Toras Moshe be referred to the attorney general because it continues to operate without a permit. Its permit was removed because it teaches mostly religious studies, with insufficient time spent on the secular curriculum prescribed by law.

The chassidic schools have been under extra scrutiny by the education department for the past 2-1/2 years, ever since La Presse and other Quebec media began reporting that some of these schools are not complying with the Education Act. They found that few secular studies are taught, particularly in the boys’ schools and especially at the high school level.

The articles in La Presse this month describe little progress in talks between the ministry and, not only Satmar, but also the Belz and Skver communities, whose high schools are also said to not be adequately teaching the provincial curriculum, at least, in the boys’ schools. All Quebec children must remain in school until they are at least 16...

...In a rare public statement, the Jewish Orthodox Community Council (JOCC), which represents the chassidic communities in the Outremont area, admits that the Satmar school, which is an elementary school, hasn’t been operating legally...

...But the statement also goes on to say that these schools have been operating with the government’s knowledge for a long time, some for more than 50 years, and “never had any problems.” Yeshiva Torahs Moshe opened in 1952.

The JOCC also notes that the Satmar schools have never received government funding.

All schools in the province, however, whether they receive government funding or not, are required to abide by the Education Act...

Required to, but don't. This is just another example of the UO philosophy that they are somehow exempt from the civic rules and regulations that the rest of us have to live by - indeed, want to live by. Ignorant, uneducated and unemployable able-bodied adults are nothing any society WANTS - except the Chereidi.

I hope the administrators and owners of these schools end up in jail, seriously.

They have ruined the lives of thousands of children over the last 50+ years, and have no intention of admitting any wrongdoing or culpability for their actions. Just like the Chereidi ignore building code and zoning laws, ignoring education requirements makes them a burden on society that give Jews a bad name everywhere the UO live.

And it's not just Canada and Israel - it's right here in the US, too. UOJ posted a story once about the son of an acquaintance of his who desperately needed a job, but was qualified for nothing. He could barely read and write English, knew no history, science, mathematics, social studies, or anything that could help him relate to the outside world. He had no marketable skills or technical knowledge in any subject that would make him employable - and he was typical of his class. This wasn't in some backwards third world madrasa - it was right here in the US, just a couple of years ago.

And nothing has changed in UO Communities - if anything, the problem is worse.

I don't need to tell you what will happen to such people in California and anywhere else the current economic crisis causes cutbacks in welfare. Where can they go? What can they do? They cannot function in the real world. And the Rabbis don't care - please do follow the link in my above referenced post to UOJ's article and read it. When the father came to his Rabbi for help, he was mocked for having a lack of faith and trust in God, instead of told truthfully that there's no way a man with no secular education can earn a living - that he's have better luck buying lottery tickets than looking to the Rabbinate for help for the mess they caused. They don't care. Their kids, other relatives, and friends are all employed by their sub-standard dayschools, yeshivas and kollels. Your problems are, well, your problems. Too bad you didn't put yourself in a position to exploit parents and helpless children, I guess. On the other hand, if that's what faith and trust are, then I don't want any.

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