Wednesday, May 20, 2009

UO "men" still not stepping up to the plate.

The majority of employed Chereidi are still women. Men for the most part still refuse to be responsible for supporting their wives and families.

YNet Online
Haredi employment rates in J'lem spike
Manufacturers Association of Israel's data reveals 70% rise in ultra-Orthodox employment figures in capital over period of five years
Tani Goldstein
Published: 5.20.09, 12:39 / Israel Money

...According to the data, Israeli industries employ 20,000 haredim nationwide, 11,000 of whom are women. Traditional industries, however, remain a fraction of the sector's employment sources, as the majority joins the education system, the precious stones industry and various trades.

"The reasons for this change are varied," Itzhak Reif, head of MAI's Jerusalem branch, told Ynet. "I assume the main reason is population growth, which combined with low income rates led to the conclusion that they can't go on sustaining themselves like that.

"The change emanated from the (community's) public opinion, but eventually even the rabbis understood that it is both unnecessary and unreasonable to expect everyone to no nothing but study…. Also, budget cuts and the financial crisis have increased the (monetary) crunch.

"Overall, this is a very positive change. A person should be responsible for himself."

..."The ultra-Orthodox community is also contributing – they have special aid funds which help those undergoing job training… I hope the heads of the haredi community will allow more yeshiva students to seek professional training the join the workforce."

He can hope all he wants - the men who quit kollel to actually find gainful market rate employment are shunned and vilified by the muckrackers that be. While having the couple's parents support them has been the preferred method of surviving in the past, today many parents (who are, ironically, actually employed) simply no longer have the resources to support able-bodied adult children.

So what are most couples doing? Dumping the kids in herds to be raised by strangers while the wife goes to try and eke out a living for them. Of course, we all know that women have to take maternity leave and have to care for sick children and sick elderly relatives, too - so they only make about 3/4 of what a man can make, for the most part. But the Chereidi don't really care about that. They will justify any neglect of children and elderly relatives in order to keep up the pretense that having men do nothing but study in kollel all day every day is a benefit to the nation and to Jews everywhere.

This, however, is not what Pirkei Avot says.

PA 1:10 Love work, despise lordliness, and do not become overly familiar with the government.

Oops - the Chereidi consider work beneath them, despise honest labour, lord it over other sects of Judaism, and thanks to their welfare and assistance, are very familiar with the government. Grade: FAIL.

PA 2:2 ...All Torah study that is not joined with work will cease in the end, and leads to sin.

Or, as others put it, "Idle hands are the devil's workshop." Not only do most young men aspire to be burdens on society and do nothing productive for the community economy, many if not most young Bait Yaakov educated women have been trained to only consider marriage with such an unemployable disgrace. Grade: FAIL.

PA 2:13 ...Got out and discern which is the good path to which a man should cling...Rabbi Shimon says, One who considers the outcome of a deed.

Obviously, both their Rabbis and the young bochurim themselves are not thinking clearly about the end result of having entire communities lacking the essential arts, crafts and skills for self-sufficiency, and have not thought through to the outcome of being so dependent upon charity and government largess to prevent their families from starving. No one can guarantee that charities will receive sufficient funds to provide for able-bodied adults, and government benefits invariable come with strings attached. Grade: FAIL.

PA 3:21 ...If there is no Torah, there is no worldly occupation. If there is no worldly occupation, there is no Torah...

Without a decent secular education and market rate employment, a person is unable to fulfill every requirement of Torah. In real life, keeping Torah is expensive - one who relies on welfare or charity must skimp on their observance, either in public or in secret. Grade: FAIL.

PA 5:25 ...a 20 year old begins pursuit [of a livelihood]...

And, of course, in order to begin pursuing a livelihood one must have studied and apprenticed in his chosen profession for some years to make a reasonable living at it, which today's 20 year olds obviously have not done. Grade: FAIL.

And, finally and most famously, we have these words known to just about everyone:

Rabbi Judah says: Anyone who fails to teach his son a trade teaches him to steal.

An able bodied man who has learned no marketable skills or who simply refuses to work for a living steals from all the hardworking people who have taxes confiscated from their income to pay for these useless slugs to survive. They take food and education and goods away from the children of hard-working decent people because they have some delusion that they are too good for honest labour. This is stealing, pure and simple. The working men and women don't want their taxes continually increased to cover the rising costs of luggards who won't work, pure and simple. The money is taken from them by the government on threat of force - it's stolen from them because Chereidi men won't step up to the plate and support their own families.

Grade: FAIL.

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