Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Follow Up: NY vouchers

VIN is reporting that the NY communities that have been relying on Priority 7 vouchers for childcare and afterschool programs have received a short reprieve from being cut off.

New York, NY - Mayor Bloomberg Restores Vouchers Program

New York, NY - According to VIN News sources, and also being reported now by the NY Times, Mayor Michael Bloomberg agreed today to restore the full funding of Priority7, after-school vouchers, for the next six months.

Sources in the Mayor’s office say, the issue will be revisited again after the six months, and at that time a decision will be made for further funding for the vouchers program.

It should be understood by everyone that this is not any guarantee that benefits will continue in the future - indeed, NY's situation may very well be a lot closer to resembling California's condition in six months. This is the reality we need to deal with.

So please, class - do not squander these six months. Use them as a transition to a community solution that does not rely on government funding - or better yet, doesn't rely on money at all.


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