Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Future Watch: drastic reductions in govt assistance

It's not just in California anymore.

New York - Orthodox Community Raises Grave Concern About Child Care Vouchers Proposed Elimination
6/02/2009 7:13 pm

New York - A meeting convened by Agudath Israel of America on June 2 brought together city government officials and administrators of yeshivos throughout New York City to discuss the proposed elimination of a city program than benefits needy parents in the city’s Orthodox community to the tune of over $15 million a year.

The program provides child care vouchers to parents of school-age children if certain criteria are met. Under “Priority 7” of the program, vouchers are provided to families where one parent is working full time and the other faces a substantial degree of social difficulty without child care assistance...

“This issue is urgent,” he continued. "The budget is likely to be finalized in the next weeks. And so it is imperative that if we are going to mobilize a grass-roots effort to let the Mayor and Speaker know how much this will hurt our community – and how unfair it is – we do it now.”


Unfair to whom?

The UO Communities are going to have to get used to the fact that the rest of the world is no longer willing or able to cough up money to subsidize them. The community is going to have to provide its own childcare for itself - there is not going to be any more government money.

It's NOT unfair to cut these programs - it is essential that they be cut. There are much more important things that need funding, and the Chereidi community has made the choice to continue having children without adequate financial support - it's not fair to the taxpayers who made responsible choices to have to continue supporting people who knowingly continued to have children they could not afford.

The Chereidi have every right, of course, to have all the children they want. They do not, however, have any right to demand other people support their children. And the other people are not going to, let's get that clear right now. Chereidi communities are going to have to stop being parasites and start being self-sufficient. Whining for largesse from the government is not a solution - it's part of the problem.

Waiting on government to rescue the old failed paradigm is a foolish waste of time. We are going to have to make our own solutions, with our own resources. The sooner we face these facts, the better off we'll be.

That might mean child-care cooperatives, unpaid, where every family has to give time who has a child or children enrolled. But in reality, the most economically viable method of (eldercare and) childcare is the one God and nature intended - their mother, at home. The centuries old social contract worked, class. This new, modern innovation doesn't - pure and simple.

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