Sunday, June 07, 2009

Future Watch: Purposeful destruction of the integrity of religious institutions by secular governments

One of secular liberalist's fondest wishes is to force religious institutions to hire people who flout the organization's beliefs with their personal lifestyles so as to make sure the children and youth of the organization are exposed to liberal secular humanists and politically correct deviants.

The Jewish Community Online
Fears that Bill may force shuls to hire non-Jews
From The Jewish Chronicle
Simon Rocker
June 3, 2009

The Board of Deputies is studying the implications of the new Equality Bill amid concerns that it could become harder for religious organisations to restrict jobs to members of their own faith...

...“We are studying what appears to be a new restriction on employing people on the basis of their faith,” he said. “As currently drafted, one can specify the faith of a minister of religion, but it seems, under the new legislation, that organisations would not be able to specify the religion of youth workers or others in non-ministerial roles.”

Under the Bill, religious communities would still be allowed to restrict employment to members of their own faith in the case of those who assist with “liturgical or ritualistic practices” or who promote or explain “the doctrine of the religion”.

...However, they would not be allowed to advertise for a youth worker or an accountant and try to insist that all applicants were heterosexual...

...“A religious organisation must be able to exclude from such roles applicants whose lives are manifestly in conflict with the ethos of the organisation they represent.”

...The Bill, which consolidates existing laws against religious, racial, gender and other forms of discrimination, does contain potential benefits for members of religious groups. Universities, for example, would be expected not to timetable exams that clash with major religious holidays.

Well, yes, make sure you throw them a bone as you eviscerate their purpose and mission. Of course, it's not really even a bone, since the schools are already required to let students make up tests and assignments given on their religious holidays.

This law has only one purpose - to destroy the religious integrity these organizations. The only secularists who would apply for such positions in religious institutions will be those who will be put up to it by zealots who are looking for a legal fight and want religious organizations to suffer losses through fines and civil rulings.

Of course, turnabout is fair play, but I'm betting courts will not be unbiased in their "hostile work environment" cases. Secular organizations will never lose, but religious ones always will. Just wait and see.

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