Monday, June 01, 2009

Not Surprisingly, Ashkenaz want racism in public places.

The progeny of racist White Catholic Europe still consider themselves to be "superior" to authentic native Hebrew Near Eastern people with darker skin.

Jerusalem Post Online
May 27, 2009 14:36 | Updated May 27, 2009 15:01
Creeping segregation

Segregation of Sephardi girls in haredi seminaries is not a new issue. The humiliation experienced by girls who had to stay at home for months without studying because of their parents' ethnic origins has been written about at length. The haredi establishment has always argued that these are private institutions and thus have the right to set their own rules. But now the municipality is being faced with an attempt to enforce these rules in a community center, a facility that falls under the auspices of the municipality...

...The words "Sephardi" or "Ashkenazi" were not mentioned, of course, but in Ramot and elsewhere, the institutions mentioned above are synonymous with Ashkenazi institutions, and the very realistic fear of Sephardi haredi parents is that their struggle for equality is far from reaching a satisfactory conclusion. Not only are schools inaccessible to their children, but now even the community center is forcing them out...

Notice how they attempt to circumvent secular laws against discrimination by inviting only children from specific schools - schools attended only by the white European immigrants to Israel. Clearly, the intention was that children from other schools, schools attended by native Sephardi Hebrews for example, need not apply. Notice also how they still attempt to justify the obvious and unapologetic racism at the Ashkenaz schools - is this really Judaism? Is that what we want Judaism to be?

Do we want people who think like this in charge of conversions, aliyah, marriages, school registrations, and now community centers? I think not. Once again, the Chereidi have proven that they are unfit to lead anyone, especially not impressionable young children. And if they refuse to admit brown-skinned children, (as well as refuse to teach secular academic subjects that today's citizens need to survive, and refuse to respect other's rights to freedom of religious practice) then that is just another proof that their schools should not be certified nor receive funds, and those who send their children to such schools should not receive education allowances, either (as was discussed in a post last week). And of course, community centers should absolutely be required to serve all citizens equally regardless of race, skin color, or religious sect. The Ashkenaz, as we can clearly see here, however, still believe themselves to be a master race, above and beyond ordinary people, and believe themselves as the only people qualified to made decisions on these issues.

This are not the kind of delusional ideas that the State should be supporting. The Ashkenaz are certainly entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to have them subsidized by the taxpayers. If they want this racist, bigoted farce of purposeful ignorance to continue, they should have to do it on their own dime. It's disgraceful that such things are allowed to go on in State sponsored schools and community centers.

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