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Orthodox community doesn't get it.

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Secular taxpayers were disgusted by "octomom," a woman with 8 infants and six other children. Many, many commenters on stories about "octomom" said very plainly that whether the children came all at once or over time, that taxpayers had no obligation to support people who had so many children, period. Suggestions ranged from having the state seize the children and put them up for adoption to cutting off all government assistance to requiring sterilization and birth control for recipients.

So here we have an article in the Times with a mother of 11 stating in the second paragraph that she can't take care of her "other children" unless the oldest ones get vouchers for daycare and afterschool programs from taxpayers.

She was sincere, but she has simply given secular people more reason to stand up and fight government assistance programs. Secular culture is no longer willing to tolerate a "mother of 11" mooching off of them. The Orthodox community NEEDS to understand this.

NY Times Online
Families Urge Bloomberg to Save After-School Vouchers
Advocates say the cuts would affect families in after-school programs like the one at the United Talmudical Academy in Brooklyn.
Published: June 12, 2009

For uncommonly large Orthodox Jewish families, they are a lifeline: vouchers from the city for after-school care, redeemable at a yeshiva of their choice.

“If I didn’t have it, my head would spin,” said Idy Herskowitz, a mother of 11 from Brooklyn who qualified for vouchers and enrolls five of her children in an after-school program. “It gives me time to take care of my other children.”

...Child-welfare advocates complained that the vouchers had been awarded disproportionately to families in a few neighborhoods in Brooklyn — Borough Park, Williamsburg, Crown Heights and Midwood.

Today, the agency gives out 22,000 child care vouchers using a priority scale. The highest priority groups include families that are under the watch of the child-welfare agency, children with special needs and children whose parents are on welfare. The seventh group of vouchers, numbering just more than 2,000, is set aside for families that are not otherwise involved with a city agency but have “family dysfunction, family needs or family problems.” Each voucher pays up to $288 a week for a child’s care, and many families receive more than one...

...Even now, most of the people who receive Priority 7 vouchers are Orthodox Jewish families in Brooklyn, a constituency that Mr. Bloomberg has carefully courted. And of the nearly 100 after-school programs, an overwhelming majority are run out of yeshivas in Brooklyn. (A handful are in secular day care centers in the Bronx and Manhattan.)

Members of the Orthodox community say their families often get by on one income, since mothers typically stay home and care for the children. And most pay private-school tuition, since they send their children to yeshivas.

...Privately, several advocates of the vouchers said they were optimistic that Mr. Bloomberg would preserve the program.

Mr. de Blasio, chairman of the Council’s General Welfare Committee, said he was not so sure.

“I’m not confident, at this point, that any of the restorations that we need are happening,” he said. “I don’t see much flexibility from this administration.”

The administration is going to listen far more to the taxpayers than to the Jewish community, when all is said and done. The taxpayers outnumber the Jewish community 99 to 1, in real life. And what the secular taxpayers see when they read this article is a bunch of Jews who are rich enough to send their kids to PRIVATE schools getting government assistance, when ordinary secular taxpayers who can't afford private dayschools of any kind are left fending for their own childcare needs - and the fact that the Jewish families have ten or twelve kids makes them more disgusted, NOT more sympathetic.

In short, the Jewish families did this to themselves, with their own priorities that secular taxpayers consider warped and ridiculous - and they will have NO sympathy for these families at all. If anything, articles like this will only fan the flames of rejection and anger by secular taxpayers.

We have to stop relying on government handouts and take care of our own, in ways that do not cost money. It's that simple. The secular taxpaying public is no longer willing to indulge fiscal irresponsibility by "religious fanatics" at their expense. The age of multi-culturalism and tolerance is over, and a new age of "radical conformity or else" is emerging.

And frankly, it was wrong of Jewish communities to get so entangled in being supported by the government in the first place, class. It is unsustainable. It can only lead to unacceptable government interference in Jewish lives, such as requiring sterilization or birth control, requiring attendance in public education instead of private schools, and other unacceptable strings attached.

Wake up, people, before the public goes from disgust to violence.

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