Friday, July 10, 2009

Apparently this Rabbi got his degree in economics out of a cracker jack box.

I am not a feminist. In fact, I think the breaking of the social contract by feminists has made life much worse for women everywhere. But that doesn't mean that some of feminism's complaints were not valid. One of those is chaining women to excessive childbearing above and beyond her ability to manage her household. And yet, this Rabbi finds nothing wrong with that.

Ynet News
'Want to get married? Plan on having 12 kids'
Renowned Rabbi David Batzri comes up with creative solution for thousands of single women participating in prayer assembly in Jerusalem on 'respectable mating.' Rabbi appeals to women not to put off pregnancy once married, says 'using birth control damages household income'
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 07.10.09, 13:20 / Israel Jewish Scene

Have at least 12 children, do not use birth control, and continue having children after 40. This is the formula for overcoming sterility and long-term bachelorhood in the Religious Zionism movement put forth by renowned Rabbi David Batzri...

No, this is a short term formula for causing poverty and bankruptcy.

In a women's assembly in Jerusalem held Thursday in Jerusalem, the rabbi asserted that "a girl who wishes to marry must take upon herself already on the first date an obligation to have no less than 12 children." In addition, he encouraged women to put pressure on one another not to delay pregnancy after getting married and not to wait long in between births...

Notice quality of life for the mother and her children are not an issue here - this man doesn't care if a woman is overwhelmed with a passel of young kids and no help to take care of them, doesn't care if the couple cannot afford to raise and properly educate so many children, doesn't care if affordable housing is available for such large families... Need I go on? This man has his head so far up a black hole he can't see daylight at all.

The rabbi claimed that using birth control damages household income. He said, "When you use control methods, you stop abundance. When you see a woman whose youngest child is three, this means that she has been using control methods for three years. Convince her not to do this."

As my regular readers here know, I am no fan of Western PC philosophy that suggests Jews, even though we are a minority, have some sort of obligation to limit our population. However, the vast majority of white Jewish non-orthodox women do limit their childbearing to less than replacement levels, usually only one or two children - not because they truly can't afford to have more, but because they have bought into white western angst about overpopulation, which should not apply to minorities in the first place. Jews have less than 1% of the world's population. We aren't in any danger whatsoever of being overpopulated.

Nevertheless, it would be far better for Jewish women and Jewish communities in general if women only have as many kids as they can realistically afford, which for most families is more than two, but certainly not anywhere near 12. The average household income in the US is only $55,000 per year. I know for a fact you can raise four kids on that, if your priorities are straight - for most people concerned about preserving Jewish population, three or four kids is sufficient. Twelve would be an economic burden so profound that the kids would most certainly lead lives of deprivation and neglect, if not outright abuse. Certainly no average family can afford tuition for so many children.

And along those lines, a family headed by a "learner," however, who refuses to work should not have children at all. It is irresponsible in the extreme to bring children into the world EXPECTING other people to support them and pay for their tuition. It is unethical and immoral in the extreme to burden working families any further - they can hardly afford their own children's food, clothing, and tuition.

Mizrahi also claimed that women having a hard time finding a match have issues respecting their parents or tend to respect their fathers more than their mothers...

Well, well, what a surprise. Just like the education crisis is the fault of defective parents and kids, and can't possibly be the result of the dysfunctional system set up by the Ravs, the problem with Shidduch and family finances is because women have "issues," not because their paradigm of popping out more kids that you can reasonably give attention to, provide for, and educate properly is stupid in the first place. No, miss hasn't-found-mr-right-yet, the problem is you, not them.

And if you believe that, in addition to your 12 kids I have a great investment opportunity in a bridge I'd like to show you.

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