Monday, July 06, 2009

Biting the hands that feed them, still.

Oy, veh. Here's a letter from a Lakewood resident moaning and groaning about how "those people" have moved into the neighborhood. What people, you ask? Men with JOBS. That's right, men who support their families. You know, the ones actually paying the taxes and giving to the charities that support the Lakewood bochurim.

Hat Tip: The Brooklyn Wolf
A Reader Writes: The People Who Have Ruined Lakewood
Tuesday June 30, 2009 1:26 PM

Amoung other complaints, the writer says:

...Many of the people who have moved into Lakewood do not share the same hashkafos and outlook as the bnei Torah who lived in Lakewood before them. These people who have moved to Lakewood do not act or dress like much of the Torah community. These people are quicker to frequent the food establishments and clothing stores than the many Batei Medrash located in Lakewood...

...These people have penetrated the school system in Lakewood, as well. Just as their hashkafos are not necessarily in line with those of the bnei hayeshivah, their children reflect that. Their children don’t dress in accordance with the standards of the bnei hayeshivah. The children may even look down upon their peers whose fathers are learning and are struggling to make ends meet...

So, what this writer is saying is that the kids of the "learners" are looking at the other kids whose fathers accept their God-given responsibility to support their families and then wonder why their own fathers are so lacking?

And that's a BAD thing?

No, class - that's a GOOD thing. It's time we stopped "teaching our sons to steal" and started teaching them the value of honest labour. Get to it, class.

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