Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chereidi quest for racial purity causes aberrant BT communities.

Of course, the article doesn't exactly put it that way, but that's the bottom line. Whenever someone whose family comes from a non-orthodox sect of Judaism, or worse, comes from a family long assimilated, they are now required to get a "conversion" to supposedly cover any "oopsies" in the pasts of their forebears. They expect this to make the a full-fledged and acceptable member of the Orthodox.

But it doesn't. They find out that most FFBs will barely associate with them, if they will associate at all, much less consider them fit for marriages or even business partnerships (unless the FFB is planning to exploit the BT, of course). FFBs have all sorts of hidden and unwritten barriers that keep BTs and Converts away from their "pure" blood. How do they know your blood isn't pure? Well, not being lily-white is one indication, as is being a BT, since they are no doubt "ben niddah," born of unclean blood by an unclean woman who didn't immerse in the miqvah before conceiving.

So the person who wanted to return to their roots by becoming a BT or a "convert" finds they are rejected by mainstream UO and Chereidi communities. That rejection is a race-based rejection, based on the mythology that White European Jews are the only true, pure descendants of the original 12 tribes of Israel and that UO or Chereidi Judaism is the only real Judaism. So if you are or were ever anything else, you are a mongrel of mixed blood.

What happens next is the subject of a recent study.

YNet News Online
Study: Haredi rejection leads to extremism
Ultra-orthodox society's refusal to accept former seculars into its midst forces them to form their own separate, often fundamentalist communities, new book argues
Tzofia Hirschfeld
Published: 7.14.09, 21:45 / Israel Jewish Scene

...A study by sociologist Dr. Shlomi Doron of the Ashkelon Academic College argues that the rejection of formerly secular haredim by the ultra-Orthodox communities in Jerusalem serves as a catalyst for adopting extreme behaviors.

In a soon-to-be-published book, Doron claims that by refusing to accept into its midst former seculars, the haredi society pushes these people into forming their own separate, sometimes fundamentalist communities.

"Becoming religious is an interesting phenomenon in Israeli society," explained Doron. "On the one hand, these people make a significant, highly-valued spiritual move, and on the other hand, the haredim put many obstacles in their path," he said, referring to obstacles in matters of education, marriage and housing...

...This conduct, he added, forces many families to form communities of their own. "These are people who have cut off all ties with their secular family, secular community and secular identity. When they fail to get accepted into the haredi world, this leads to a personal crisis," explained Doron...

..."When one changes his religious identity and there's no one to welcome him on the other side, this can cause quite serious mental problems… in fact those who are guilty of the extremism of former seculars are to a certain extent the haredim themselves."

Since most BTs and "converts" are raised in the secular West in which racism is one of the worst taboos currently available, they presume that it is their observance that is unacceptable, not themselves. This leads them to adopt more and more stringencies or become attached to cult-like sub-sects that are happy to take them in since mainstream orthodoxy doesn't take them seriously, either.

That, or the BTs decide to walk away when they realize there is absolutely nothing that is going to stop the FFB community from looking at themselves and their children as alien invaders, and questioning their commitment to God and threatening to "annul" their status or "conversion" at every turn just because they aren't interested in adopting the stringencies-du-jour. Educated, intelligent people will not put up with being treated like this. Thus they become casualties in the Jewish Civil War, lost to Judaism in an undeclared and unacknowledged war by the Chereidi and UO against all other Jews.

And this is just the way the Chereidi racists want it.

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