Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A "green shoot" of Radical Conformity.

In the past this blog has examined a small but growing backlash against tolerance and multiculturalism in western culture that I am calling "radical conformity." The pendulum is swinging the other way and as usual will go too far - and this article is another sign of the emergence of Radical Conformity. Instead of celebrating the differences between peoples and cultures, this "movement's" goal (it's not really a conscious thing, at least not yet) will be to suppress all individuality of dress and observance in public, especially religious individuality. It is a child of the secular humanist movement, which wants to make it shameful or un-PC for anyone to admit in public that they have a religious belief. Religious beliefs are not "cool" in a nation that worships scientism - only ignorant and uneducated people have religious beliefs, it is said over and over by secular humanists. And the Oregon school system has bought into the Radical Conformity social philosophy.

Arutz Sheva Online
US State May Ban Religious Headgear for Jewish, Other Teachers
Published: 07/20/09, 1:04 PM / Last Update: 07/20/09, 1:41 PM
by Malkah Fleisher

...Representative of the Oregon Department of Education, Jake Weigler, said that teachers could not be compared to other workers, as they impart values and instruction to children. He said the state legislature was concerned that associating teachers with their personal religious symbols might cross the line on the US Constitutional law separating religious institutions and the government.

Pennsylvania is the only other state forbidding religious headgear. In other states, local school districts are permitted to decide what teachers dress codes will entail.

God forbid that kids should be exposed to anyone who holds a religious belief - how terrible! The fact that some people don't believe in scientism (as opposed to science, which is different - scientism is the false belief that science is capable of knowing everything and nothing scientifically unmeasurable is real) is something that schools and, later, all government and public offices, need to suppress, not encourage.

The atheists have been planting these seeds for a long time, and now they are starting to grow. How big the thing will get remains to be seen, but right now it's getting plenty of water and sunshine both in schools and in the media - making all religion an object of ridicule and shame, and those who won't conform to a public sphere free FROM all religion as being backwards and undesirable. Laws like this provide plenty of fertilizer.

If you live in Oregon or Pennsylvania and don't wish for religiously observant people to lose their jobs as teachers in public school systems, showing students that yes, intelligent and educated do in fact have religious faith, then don't keep silent. The only effective weed killer is your voice and your pocketbook - use them wisely.

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