Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The next book commentary will be...

Each year for the past couple of years this blog chooses a book and does a chapter by chapter commentary. The first book was "Freedomnomics," and discussed economic principles. Last year's book was "Decline of the West," in which the decline of a particular sub-category of Western Culture, Ultra-Orthodox Judaism, was examined. This year, the tradition will continue, and the topic will be religion and science.

Cosmology is the cornerstone of Religion and much of Philosophy. Those who believe in scientism often claim that science and religion are incompatible - but are they? The question vis-a-vis evolution has been debated to death, so let's try a different tack. Let's go to the cutting edge of science, quantum mechanics, and see if we can find biblical concepts there. To do this, the next book commentary will be:

The Fabric of the Cosmos
Brian Greene

As you can see, there are used copies available at Amazon for only about $5 or so, and the book is available in libraries, too, being a couple of years old now. I'm about a third of the way through it, so get yourself a copy and catch up. Don't forget, Knowledge is power.

I hope to begin posting commentaries on chapter one soon. Happy Reading!

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SJ said...

Trying to find biblical concepts in quantum physics seems farfetched.