Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh yeah, let's not forget misogynist.

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What Israel needs is a total separation of religious and state functions, and issues like marriage, divorce, adoption, inheritance, etc., should not be considered religious functions. They are the basic human rights of all persons regardless of religion, and should be regulated by the state, not by a religious court. Religious courts can make rulings on these issues, of course, but those rulings should only apply to people in their own sect - the UO and Chereidi should never be able to force their stringencies on non-UO and non-Chereidi Jews, and that goes double for issues involving women.

Ultra-orthodox Judaism is not just racist, it is misogynist in the extreme - as the Agunah issue has shown time and time again. Men can remarry with the wave of a bracha, women are punished for seeking divorce and purposefully have a get withheld from them until they are past child-bearing age so a new marriage will be fruitless. Everybody knows this, it's not a big secret. The UO and Chereidi Rabbis use divorce and marriage as a tool for social terrorism.

YNet News online
Justice Dorner: Broadening rabbinical courts' authorities detrimental
Retired Supreme Court judge says Justice Minister Ne'eman's intention to expand religious courts' jurisdiction would be detrimental, urges religious-Zionist women to fight move
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 07.14.09, 12:53 / Israel Jewish Scene

Retired Supreme Court Justice Dalia Dorner criticized Justice Minister Yaakov Ne'eman's suggestion to broaden the jurisdiction of the rabbinical courts, warning the religious courts "would persecute woman to death."

...Dorner told the audience Ne'eman's intentions left her "less than optimistic," especially since the move is meant to satisfy political demands made by Shas. She further warned such a decision would prove "fatal."

...Dorner slammed the courts for seeking more authority, calling them "imperialistic."

Of course, "imperialistic" is just a slightly more polite way of saying power-mongering control freaks who want to impose their un-historical sect of Judaism on everybody else. Their bid to gain more legal power is just another volley in the Jewish Civil War, and women should not let such bids for power go unchallenged. These men have no interest in anyone's civil rights, least of all women's. Their bid for more power is a direct threat to women's rights and freedom of religious practice for everyone.

And not just women need to speak out - men, don't just sit there, take this threat seriously. Otherwise, your mother, sisters, wives and daughters will pay the price for your lack of stewardship.

Of course, if you think women should have to walk on the other side of the street and sit in the back of the bus, do nothing. You'll get your wish.

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SJ said...

my experience with the modern orthodox is that they cover for the extremists thinking that they are being more frum.