Thursday, July 09, 2009

Orthodox Education System in Shambles

The tuition crisis is only half the problem - the UO and Chereidi ideology is the other half and it is creating a generation of kids who despise both learning and honest work.

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Jerusalem Post Online
Jul 9, 2009 3:09 | Updated Jul 9, 2009 7:39
30% of haredi teens - 'hidden dropouts'

Nearly a third of junior high and high school-aged haredi youths are "hidden dropouts," who are registered in an educational framework but are dysfunctional students, according to a study released Wednesday by the Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute...

"A growing number of haredi teenagers are simply not functioning in educational frameworks and they are making up an increasingly growing fringe group within haredi society," he said.

Sulimani added that few, if any, of these dropouts made their way into non-haredi education frameworks...

Of course not! An UO parent would never admit that the "perfect" Torah education system created by the Ravs doesn't work for most kids, nor would they ever be caught dead sending their kids to an ordinary public school. If they did so, they would be shunned, harassed, and even (in some neighborhoods) be victims of vandalism and violence. The fact that their kid's futures are being flushed down the toilet mean less to them than their "reputation" in the neighborhood. This is the end result of the social terrorism employed by the Ravs to keep control of their serfs.

The unasked question here, also, is how many of these kids are wandering the streets instead of being educated precisely because their parents can simply no longer afford private schooling for all their children and simply cut the older kids loose, especially ones who were not thriving in the fear-based education system. This number will continue to grow, as the refusal of able-bodied men in UO and Chereidi communities to work continues to be acceptable to the Ravs who apparently can't figure out that the number of working people in the communities needs to far exceed the number of unemployed people in order for the school system to work at all, much less expand to help those who need a less judgemental and angry style of teaching.

Rebhun and Gilad Malach pointed out in the their study that even students who succeeded in the haredi school system were unprepared to enter the labor market, were discouraged from doing mandatory army service and were not educated to respect Zionist ideals.

If a large percentage of haredi students are also dysfunctional, this complicates the problem of integrating this rapidly growing population into mainstream Israeli society...

We've discussed this numerous times already, and it's nice to see someone officially paying attention to the problem - but the problem cannot be solved in the schools because it does not originate there. The problem is the deep seated loathing that the Chereidi feel for honest labour and the wildly insane idea that they're doing the community and nation "more good" by being "learners" who make no contribution at all to the economic or social well-being of their community.

As long as this false ideology guides their education process, the UO and Chereidi communities will never be able to produce citizens with sufficient knowledge of history, geo-politics, economics, sociology or philosophy to vote or govern their own household intelligently, much less govern the neighborhoods and communities. Good stewardship doesn't happen in a vacuum, and the vacuum that should have been their academic education is vast and expanding.

"Parents remain oblivious to their child's needs and continue to apply the same traditional, restrictive norms to their children's behavior without recognizing the child's rights," he said...

Of course. The Ravs cannot and will not admit that their "perfect society" isn't, so if your child has a problem, it isn't their system, it must be you. Either you or your child are defective, not trying hard enough, lacking in faith or failing in some way to follow the Rav's instructions. And no matter how many people protest that none of these things are true and yet their kids are at risk will make any difference, because the Ravs admit to no mistakes. They are the infallible fount of God's word and if you don't believe it they'll be happy to have someone come slash your tires to convince you.

Sulimani said that the most common problem he faced with haredi youths, especially teens, was their lack of recreational time.

"There is a constant demand on them to learn Torah and there are no other options. So they end up looking for other activities that are not condoned by their parents," he said...

This unnatural and artificial environment is purposefully designed to be as confining and unimaginative as possible - after all, they don't want kids who can think for themselves. People who think for themselves rock the boat. They want robots, and if your child can't or won't be a robot, your child will not be able to function in this environment.

But the human spirit is hard to confine. Not just children but people of all ages need to feel as if their life is vibrant, not stale, and joyful, not drudgery, and has a real purpose they can get excited about, not simply a fear of being ostracized or punished - none of which these kids can find in the stifling and soul-killing environment created by the Ravs.

They want their questions answered honestly and not be berated for asking - like adults, they instinctively know that they have this RIGHT, and that those who denigrate and belittle them are doing so because they CANNOT answer the questions in a satisfactory manner. When the students view their parents, teachers and Ravs as hypocrites or as unthinking serfs who are afraid to question the status quo, it's no surprise that increasing numbers of students lose respect for the system and for Judaism as a whole.

Anger, violence and belittlement has NEVER, EVER caused anyone to respect the one who engages in this type of social terrorism. It ALWAYS leads to rebellion and this would not surprise anyone with a real education in psychology and sociology...

Well, that explains why the UO can't deal with reality - they're not familiar with it.


SJ said...

I can soooo relate to this post. My yeshiva experience sucked.

Ahavah Gayle said...

Can you be more specific? Give examples? Thanks.

SJ said...

Rabbis and secular teachers had no control over classes, the dress code was too strict, it wasn't co-ed, crappy food, fundamentalist rabbis.