Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rabbi's ignorance of science puts unclean and unsafe food on your table.

Jews are told in the Torah that we are to eat plants that reproduce after their kind, that God gave us these as food. Later, we are prohibited from planting "mixed seeds." This commandment didn't make a lot of sense to pre-20th century farmers. But it should make perfect sense to us today - "mixed seeds" are seeds that have been genetically modified to include genes from other species, including unclean species such as shellfish and pork.

Aside from being unclean, Monsanto and other companies make these franken-foods so that their propagation has a "self-destruct" mechanism. These plants can no longer "reproduce after their kind," because the giant agri-business firms want to make perpetual indentured servants out of farmers by making it impossible for farmers to collect the seeds from last year's crops to plant next year. That way, Monsanto makes more money. But God told us in Genesis that real food that we are given to eat does "reproduce after its kind."

The seeds are also genetically engineered to produce unnatural chemical toxins, pesticides and herbicides developed by Monsanto and similar companies - chemical toxins which are then ingested by us and wreak havoc with our metabolism, immune systems, and health.

Nor have these franken-foods been the great boon to agriculture that Monsanto promised. As we have discussed before, crop yields in these highly unnatural and toxic monoculture conditions are actually falling, not increasing. Monsanto has to use gestapo tactics to get farmers in many places to start using their products.

These scientists are playing not with fire but with our food source, as these GMO franken-food products are released into our croplands and planted with no idea as to how they will interact with natural growing things, bee pollination, and UV radiation from the sun. The unexpected results of these experimental crops and dairy products(which Monsanto claims and are fully tested and understood) has been a disaster for many farmers and for our environment. And independent labs get scary results.

Agriculture experts are warning the world about GMO products, but our Rabbis don't listen.

Natural News
Monsanto GM Corn a Disaster in South Africa
Monday, July 27, 2009
by: David Gutierrez, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Farmers in South Africa have reported an inexplicable failure to seed in three different varieties of corn genetically modified (GM) by the Monsanto Corporation...

...The problems occurred only in corn engineered by Monsanto for increased yields or for resistance to the company's trademark herbicide, Roundup (glyphosate). Failure to seed has been documented in the provinces of Free State, Mpumalanga and North West.

...Marian Mayet of the Africa Center for Biosecurity disputed the company's claims [in which they claim only 25% of their batches were affected by their "mistake" in the lab], however. According to her sources, some farms have experienced crop failures as high as 80 percent. She also expressed doubt over Monsanto's explanation for the problem, laying the blame instead on the GM technologies used to produce the seed.

"Monsanto says they just made a mistake in the laboratory, however we say that biotechnology is a failure," Mayet said. "You cannot make a 'mistake' with three different varieties of corn. We have been warning against GM-technology for years, we have been warning Monsanto that there will be problems."

...Mayet called on the government to launch an investigation into the crop failures and to institute an immediate ban on the cultivation of all GM crops in South Africa.

South Africa was one of the first countries after the United States to adopt GM corn. Like the United States but unlike many European countries, South Africa does not require that GM ingredients be labeled as such on food packaging.

Yes, class - your American food likely has had genes from unclean species in it and can't "reproduce after its kind," in violation of the Torah commandments, because the Rabbis don't care that companies are doing these things to our food. They give kosher certification to produce that violates the plain commandments of God's written Torah, because they aren't educated enough, can't understand and don't want to be bothered with learning the science.

We are not to eat anything that has parts from unclean animals in it. We are not to eat food that contains poisons. We are told in a positive commandment that the food we eat is the sort that reproduces after its kind.

Monsanto violates all of these, and yet their products get Kosher certification by ignorant Rabbis who apparently have bigger fish to fry, such as their investors.

If you don't have a problem with this, then by all means feel free to spend the rest of your life battling obesity, bad health, fatigue and heart disease. If you don't want to eat stuff that God has declared is not food, then you need to do three things - one, buy things that are certified organic, because organic certification requirements prohibit GMO crops (don't trust just the USDA, though, look for California or Oregon certification). And two, contact both your state and your federal senators and representatives to let them know you want GMO products clearly labeled so you can exercise your right as a consumer to choose not to eat them. Third, contact the kashrut agencies that you prefer and let them know that regardless of what platitudes they've heard and how much money they've received from giant agribusiness firms, that GMO products are not in compliance with God's commandments and should not be certified Kosher. Furthermore, tell the kashrut organization that if they don't take this seriously, then you have doubts as to how well they're doing their job overall and won't trust them in the future.

In other words, let your voice be heard and then vote with your pocketbook. It's that simple, but so few people will actually do it. What a shame.

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