Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shrinking the Reservation, again.

Our PBS station had a documentary about settling the West recently. As I watched the government continually whittling away at the Indian's land, I found myself being angry and upset. I realized it bothered me so deeply to watch it because they're still doing it - except now they're doing it to Jews.

The original British mandate, approved by the Western powers, included all of what was then considered "Palestine."

But then, they took over half the territory away and gave Israel only a portion of what was promised - the exact same thing they did with the Native American Tribes. So the West gave the Jews a reservation, and then cut it in half, and now want to cut it in half again. And like the Native Americans, no acknowledgment is ever made that the entire land is rightfully ours, our own homeland, a homeland acknowledged by the entire world, including the Koran, to belong to the 12 Tribes of Israel.

The Native American Tribes must know exactly how we feel. They, too, were overwhelmed by the greedy and unscrupulous (not to mention Racist) power. Now they are reduced to poverty and their "sovereignty" is a joke. This is what the West plans for Israel, too.

Now, let's be clear here - the Continental United States is 100% comprised of land that was stolen, taken by force, and/or acquired illegally and in violation of treaties and agreements. The US government CLAIMED to have a "manifest destiny" and a "divine mandate" to occupy and control all the land from sea to shining sea - even though no such words appear in any ancient Judeo-Christian literature or scripture, none whatsoever.

And yet the people of Israel, who in those same scriptures have absolute perpetual deed to Eretz Israel, are treated as if they are allowed to live in their homeland only by the sufferance of America and her allies, with no regard for the clear and written "divine mandate" and "manifest destiny" of the Torah and the Prophets.

We're the Navajo and Sioux of the Middle East - lesser beings allowed to exist only by the sufferance of supposedly more "enlightened" powers, to be shunted aside as soon as they decide our land is more valuable to them than to us. We are like the Cherokee, we are like the Seminoles, we are like the Shawnee...we are like them all, and are being treated no differently.

I say this because the Native Americans displaced the earlier "clovis people," who are now extinct. Then, in the southwest, the Mexicans took land from the Native Americans by settlement and by force, and in the northeast, the French and English did, and in the southeast, the Spanish did... Then finally, the US Government "graciously" made treaties with the Native Americans to guarantee them the right to some of their land, but reneged and only gave them tiny Reservations in what had once been their own sovereign territory.

In the same way Israel displaced the earlier "cana'anites," who are now extinct. Then, the Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Western Europeans took land from Israel and the Middle East by settlement and by force, and finally the Western Governments "graciously" declared we had the right to our land, but then reneged and now is determined to give us only a tiny Reservation in what what once been our own sovereign territory.

US and European government policy hasn't changed at all in the entire time they have existed. It's a holdover from 16th-20th century European colonial policy - supremely racist, extremely condescending, motivated entirely by greed and a false sense of entitlement, and backed up by force and threat of force instead of legitimate reason and cooperation, and in total disregard of the rights of those they have conquered.

And it's high time Israel stopped letting these people dictate policy to us. They have no more moral authority or right to decide Israel's fate than they had to decide the Native American's fate - only the "right" of force of arms, only the "right" that any school yard bully has, a "right" totally lacking in legitimacy or ethical basis.

In other words, no right at all.

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