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Why Israel needs a civil marriage law.

Why? Because the Ultra-Orthodox Rabbinate is comprised of a bunch of nuts who make up things out of the thin blue air and don't give a hoot that they ruin people's lives with their insanity. Their goal is to find ANY excuse, no matter how far fetched or fabricated, to deny the Jewishness of those who refuse to accept ultra-orthodox or chereidi stringencies. They have no scruples whatsoever about using the marriage application process to further their social and political goals, which are absolutely in violation of everyone else's right to freedom of religious expression. It's disgraceful.

YNet News
Rabbinate refuses to marry couple over adoption suspicion
After producing all the necessary documents proving they are both Jewish, Rabbinate tells couple they cannot marry because husband-to-be is "adopted" and so his Jewishness cannot be verified.
Nissan Shtracuhler
Published: 07.07.09, 14:44 / Israel Jewish Scene

...They initially presented the rabbi with the divorce papers of both their parents, who had obtained their divorces through a rabbinic court. However, the rabbi asked them to come up with additional documents to prove they are Jewish. "Since both of us are Jewish, we didn't foresee any particular problem and set a date for the wedding," said Sharon.

Last week they returned to the Rabbinate with the required papers. Roman showed the rabbi his and his father's birth certificates and a diploma from the Chabad school he attended as a child. The rabbi tried to contact Chabad in order to verify Roman's Jewishness, "but they were unable to locate the people who taught me 15 years ago," Roman said.

He was consequently invited for yet another meeting, to which he brought his father and grandmother. They presented the rabbi with Roman's mother's birth certificate that showed she is Jewish.

'I know I'm not adopted'

On Monday Roman and Sharon arrived at the Rabbinate to pay the marriage fee, and were shocked to hear from the head of the marriage registry department, Rabbi Yehuda Landau, that Roman is adopted.

"I asked him if he was joking and he phoned my father, who yelled at him that this is nonsense. But the rabbi insisted and called another rabbi, who claimed that my birth certificate was apparently fake," Roman recounted...

...The distraught couple have meanwhile decided to get married in Prague in a civil wedding.

This last sentence says it all. Citizens of the State of Israel should not have to travel to foreign countries to exercise their basic human right to get married. The Ultra-Orthodox Rabbinate should also not have any authority whatsoever to deny marriage licenses to people who are obviously not ultra-orthodox. They can terrorize their own sect all they want, but non-chereidi citizens of Israel should not have to put up with their power-mongering and hatefulness any longer.

Even if you don't live in Israel you should contact the government and protest this blatant misuse of authority and violation of this couple's civil rights. You may not live in Israel now, but you might in the future - or your children might. Is this the type of harassment you want them to receive - being told they aren't Jewish because they're not Chereidi? They are winning the civil war because everyone else thinks it has nothing to do with us - but it most certainly does. Don't stand idly by while your brother's and sister's blood is shed by these control freaks.

We, the sane educated people who are not interested in living in the middle ages, must act to secure our rights and vote both with our voice and our pocketbook against the influence of ultra-orthodox powermongers. If the State of Israel cannot or will not be a safe haven for ALL Jews, native born or converted (or even adopted, for that matter) then it has FAILED it's raison d'etre. If you are your kids are not Jewish enough for them, then they should not expect political or monetary support from you - and you should make that clear to the Israeli government and to any charities that solicit you. Be heard now, class, or you will be involuntarily silenced later.

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