Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chereidi Imperialism at work.

As Isaac Asimov once penned, violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. It is employed by those who cannot convince others using logic or by example to agree with them. It also shows a profound disrespect for the rights of others - but of course, the Chereidi have never been interested in other people's civil rights.

Jerusalem Post Online
Aug 11, 2009 20:30 | Updated Aug 12, 2009 16:53
Reflexive violence

What is it about the sub-culture of a not inconsiderable number of haredim, primarily those belonging to sects adhering to social insularity and theological extremism, that makes them habitually turn to violence when frustrated? Rather than hold a peaceful protest, lobby elected officials, or seek relief via litigation, too many of those associated with the anti-Zionist Edah Haredit, a constellation that encompasses Satmar, Toldot Aharon, Toldot Avraham-Yitzhak, and elements of the Breslav, Dushinsky and Munkacs sects, reflexively - so it seems - turn to thuggery and intimidation. So do some other haredim...

Why do they turn to violence? Because people look at their arrogance (contempt for non-UO/Chereidi Jews and all non-Jews), lack of academic education (historical, geo-political, economic, science, etc.), crippling poverty (public dole, etc.), social backwardness (misogyny, racism), unhygenic rituals (refusal to use soap to wash their hands, having men suck the penises of circumcized babies) - need I go on? - and decide they aren't interested in joining the cult. And since people won't adopt their demands automatically, they are reduced to thuggery. They can't prove to any reasonably intelligent educated person that their lifestyle and beliefs are superior, so they have to use force to implement their unpopular edicts.

...We Worry that the authorities will - Barkat's rhetoric notwithstanding - ultimately find a "compromise" that essentially rewards the extremists. Doing so would send a terrible signal about the character of the capital.

We note that the court ultimately released the allegedly abusive mother to house arrest - just as the rioters had demanded. A legal observer we respect has argued that police could have separated the mother from the endangered child without taking her into custody. Perhaps. But for those raised in a sub-culture that disparages outsiders, rioting - not reasoned dialogue - is the default response to not getting your own way.

There's no point in reminding the extremists that halacha obligates them to adhere to the law of the land - dina d'malchuta dina. They shamelessly engage in Talmudic sophistry to justify their immoral, unethical and anti-halachiac deportment.

As everyone can read on any news source or blog, the UO/Chereidi neighborhoods are cesspools of faud: insurance fraud, welfare fraud, investment fraud, not to mention the bad press they generate from ignoring local zoning laws, building codes, safety regulations and licensing requirements. They blame others for "lashon hara" and "chereidi-bashing" but it is they themselves and their own reprehensible attitudes that have made their gentiles neighbors and other sects of Judaism despise them. They act like the scum of the earth - who would want them ruling over us? So they turn to violence to force others to bend to their will, because they can't offer any intelligent or rational argument to support their position - indeed, as this author says, their position is often a blatant violation of halacha and everybody knows it. They have no honor.

...Frankly, extremist haredim are giving Jewish observance a bad name. In one neighborhood, locals opposed the opening of a mikve (ritual bath) to be used by the entire community out of fear that it would draw haredim to the area.

Most Jerusalemites value tradition while rejecting religious coercion. Their ideal is a city whose neighborhoods are mixed - not one of Balkanized enclaves...

But what they're getting is more ghettos of rabble-rousers who blame everyone and everything but their own short-sighted economically suicidal actions for their predicaments, with lying Rabbis telling them everything would be fine if they just stamp out those who will not adopt their stringencies from the neighborhood. Everything will only be fine when the men get off their tuchas and get real jobs to support their families - but since they won't do that, they blame secular society for their bad press.

And secular society is very correct to fear their wanton hate and anger. They intend to punish society for their own sins - and enjoy every burning minute of it. Ultimately, such blatant disregard for others is a sign of sociopathy. They are incapable of respecting everyone else's right to freedom of religious expression. They intend to rule Jerusalem and all Israel and force out those who will not conform to their standards. And to that end, any atrocity is acceptable. They are dangerous cultists and cannot be trusted.

...Whether the issue is Shabbat parking, gender-segregated buses, or the equal application of the law, we urge authorities to hold firm. And we appeal to mainstream haredim, the majority of whom, we fervently trust, do not identify with the tactics of the extremists, to at least speak out for tolerance even if their consciences do not allow them to advocate pluralism.

But the rest of the Chereidi/UO secretly support their agenda, or are far too intimidated and fearful for their own property, livelihood, and their kid's shidduch prospects to speak out, so they won't. Like a pack of dogs, they turn against each other with as much glee as they turn against "outsiders." They are terrorists not just to others but even to their own.

And there's no way to reason with a frenzied pack of dogs.

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