Monday, August 17, 2009

PA still confused about what it means to be a sovereign nation.

Recently, some visitors to the PA territory had their passports and visas stamped with "PA Only," indicating that their travel was intended to be approved only within the (supposed) PA territory. Rather than view this as a logical and rational, yea, even expected, thing, they complained. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Now, this might be a hard concept for them, but if they want to be a (supposedly) sovereign nation, they're going to have to get used to being treated like other "sovereign nations." And that means their visitors do NOT automatically get to visit Israel, too, because - wait for it - Israel would be (supposedly) a SEPARATE nation.

You see, if they want to be a "sovereign nation," that means Israel isn't going to be responsible for a lot of their little problems anymore.

Jerusalem Post Online
Aug 16, 2009 18:08 | Updated Aug 17, 2009 9:05
'PA Only' visa enrages visitors

The government has imposed new restrictions on visitors to the Palestinian Authority, stamping their passports with a visa that bars them from entering Israel.

The new "Palestinian Authority Only" visa is the latest in a growing raft of measures imposed by Israel to restrict the movement of visitors to Palestinian-controlled areas...

..."I think it is quite legitimate for Israel to be careful and protect its own citizens and to protect its security, but it has to do this in a lawful manner," said Duaibis of the Right to Enter Campaign. "If protecting Israel's security infringes on somebody else's rights, then there is a problem."

Oh, but in real life, people visiting a foreign nation of ANY kind don't have some sort of magical right to enter ISRAEL whenever they wish. A person with a visa to enter China doesn't automatically get to enter South Korea. A person with a visa to enter Russia doesn't automatically get to enter Lithuania. A person with a visa to Egypt doesn't automatically get to enter Sudan. A visa to Iran will not get you into Iraq. That's not how the visa and passport system works. You have to get permission to enter EVERY country you want to enter, not just one.

Israel, a sovereign nation, has no obligation to provide access to anyone wishing to visit the PA - that's one of the definitions of "sovereignty." Nor, I might add, is Israel obligated to provide electricity, water processing, sewage treatment, or any other public service to nationals of other sovereign nations. A sovereign nation is required to provide these things for its own citizens. Nobody else has any obligation to provide them. It's part of the JOB of a "sovereign nation" to provide these services for its own citizens.

So of course the PA has spent the Billions-with-a-B dollars of international aid they have received to prepare themselves for sovereignty, right? Built electric plants, water plants, schools, hospitals, etc., etc.? What? They didn't? Well, who did they think was going to provide these things for them when they finally twist the UN's arm into giving them 1/2 of the remaining Mandate Land?

Where did the money go, exactly?

Rockets, apparently. Numbered swiss bank accounts, probably. UN back pockets, definitely. But precious little actually has gone into building an infrastructure for a "sovereign nation."

And this, class, is NOT our problem. Let them howl.


SJ said...

The real answer would be for the IDF to literally conquer the palestinians and forcibly deradicalize them in the same way that the USA defeated the nazis and denazified Germany during the allied occupation.

While the IDF would handle the palestinians, the IDF could forcibly deradicalize the charedim too.

Ahavah Gayle said...

It would be easier and less expensive to just deport anyone and everyone - especially Chereidi - who refuse to sign an oath of loyalty to the State of Israel as a Jewish state. That would pretty much solve all problems with one fell swoop.

Ahavah Gayle said...

Let me amend that to say a "secular democratic Jewish state."