Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Waiting for Godot?

In this famous existentialist story, the two protagonists are hanging around waiting for the mythical "Godot" to appear, who will supposedly give them direction and be the answer to their problems. Of course, Godot never comes.

Many Jewish communities are also waiting on Godot. Or, rather, waiting for the federal government to solve our problems. They think they need school vouchers, more welfare, better social services, other government involvement to solve the various aspects of the financial crisis bearing down on us.

To make this plain, class: Don't hold your breath.

Long time readers may recall last year this possibility was discussed. America is at the end of her ability to borrow money from other nations to fund our government obligations, and with unemployment now closing in on 10 million able-bodied adults, tax revenues are falling through the floor both at the Federal and local levels.

So, how's your community's self-sufficiency project going? Oh, it isn't. Too bad.

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