Thursday, August 06, 2009

We knew they'd find a way.

Remember early this year when a court ruling came down that Ashkenaz-run schools could not segregate Sephardic children into separate ghetto areas for the "less white," er, I mean, less intellectually rigorous? It was suggested they would find another way to discriminate - and sure enough, they did - in addition to blatantly ignoring the court's earlier ruling! Now they have Sephardi kids wearing different uniforms than Ashkenaz kids. Yellow stars, anyone?

Jerusalem Post Online
[hat tip: Failed Messiah]
Aug 6, 2009 18:55 | Updated Aug 6, 2009 21:05
High Court: Haredi school must end discrimination

..."In the case before us, it is easy to see that the aim of the rules [of the Hassidic stream] was plain and simply to separate the girls of the Hassidic sector from their Sephardic peers," wrote Levy. "This assertion is based first of all on a look at the results which show that in fact there were two separate spaces within the school. These separate spaces, which were originally meant to contain two completely separate schools and later, two streams, each had its own separate population. This was not coincidental and proves, like a thousand witnesses, the discriminatory aims of those who initiated the separation."

Although there was apparently much hard feelings between the Hassidic (Ashkenazi) and Sephardic communities in Emmanuel for many years, the story of the split in the girls' high school began at the end of the 2007 school year, when a group of Ashkenazi parents decided to make physical and curricular changes in the school. "In essence," wrote Levy, "a new school was established alongside the existing one."

A plaster wall was erected to divide the school building in two, each side had its own separate entrance, the playground was divided into two by burlap cloth and a fence and the teachers' room was also divided in two. There were also claims that the timetable was changed so that the children of the two schools would not play outside at the same time, and the school uniforms were changed to differentiate between the students of each institution.

...Some of the parents complained to the Ministry of Education about the division and later petitioned the High Court of Justice. As a result of the initial complaints, the ministry director-general, Shlomit Amichai, ordered the Independent Education Stream to cancel the separation and remove the elements that had divided the building in two.

...One of the rules of the new school stated that studies were to be conducted with an Ashkenazi accent and parents were instructed to make sure the girls prayed in this accent at home. The spiritual authority for the girls would be a Hassidic rabbi. The parents had to promise that they would not impose the teachings of their own spiritual mentor if they clashed with the one at school. The girls could only have friends outside school from homes that were in accord with the "educational spirit" of the school.

In one of the hearings that was held in court on the petition, Levy, a Sephardic Jew, reacted angrily to the school's first rule by saying, "even if they whipped me 100 times, I would not be able to speak with an Ashkenazi accent."

The Education Ministry demanded some changes in the rules. The Independent Educational Stream agreed to remove the rule on talking with an Ashkenazi accent and another rule imposing an unusually strict dress code. However, she also found that her orders to remove the physical separation barriers in the school had been ignored...

Well, duh. Did she really think they were going to comply? These are the same people who routinely ignore building codes, zoning ordinances, safety regulations, mandatory education standards and health provisions - not to mention teaching a virulently racist and false historical and theological philosophy. They ignore the civil and secular laws in every other area - it was fairly stupid to think they would start now.

I say, defund all UO and Chereidi schools immediately until they have state appointed secular academic teachers installed in every school to enforce mandatory academic standards and secular human rights monitors to stop discrimination and racism in state-funded schools. As in, yesterday, people. This has gone on long enough.

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