Monday, September 14, 2009

Another blow to American chutzpah.

Recently several countries decided they were no longer going to be treated like colonies, and balk the US imperial machine. The US was given a heads up that China might no longer sell us various rare minerals. The Progressive magazine reports that one South American country told Obama that the only way he could renew a lease on a military base there was if he would allow them to establish their own foreign military base to be established in New York. And now Japan is telling the US to go jump in a lake - er, the ocean - because they aren't going to agree to refuel US warships on their way to the middle east any more.

In other words, the peasants are revolting - and America can't do anything about it.

UK Telegraph Online
Incoming Tokyo government threatens split with US
A split is emerging between the United States and Japan over the new Tokyo government's anti-globalisation rhetoric and its threats to end a refueling agreement for US ships in support of the war in Afghanistan.
By Julian Ryall in Tokyo
Published: 4:38PM BST 11 Sep 2009

Yukio Hatoyama, the leader of the Democratic Party of Japan, has caused alarm in Washington after publishing an article blaming the US for the ills of capitalism, the global economy and "the destruction of human dignity".

He also intends to examine an agreement that permits US warships to dock at Japanese ports, in violation of the nation's non-nuclear principles. Mr Hatoyama says he will also look again at the $6 billion cost faced by Japan to transfer thousands of US troops from their base in Okinawa to the Pacific island of Guam amid a wide-ranging review of the American military presence on Japanese soil.

His election campaign promised a more "independent" foreign policy from Washington and closer relations with Asian neighbours, including China. On Thursday, he repeated his intention to defy the US and end the Maritime Self-Defence Force's resupply mission in the Indian Ocean...

... Makoto Watanabe, a professor of media and communication at Hokkaido Bunkyo University, said: "The US has been critical of new trends in Japan, but we are not a colony of Washington and we should be able to say what we want.

"The Japan-US relationship will remain our most important bilateral link, but while under previous governments Japan had become a yes-man to the US, this suggests to me that healthy change is taking place."

Healthy for them, yes, and ultimately healthy for us, too, though we're not likely to see it that way. Greed and entitlement are firmly entrenched in America and too many Americans think they have some "god given" right to take what they want with no regard for the welfare of those they are exploiting.

But what does this trend have to do with the average Moishe here in the US?

It means we are going to have to get into downward mobility in a big way and live within our means - which is going to be a considerably lower standard of living when our 5% of the world's population can no longer command 40% of the world's resources for our own benefit at the expense of their rightful owners. Nobody OWES us an unsustainable and wasteful standard of living, class. Anything we want available for ourselves and our children we are going to have to learn to MAKE with our OWN two hands right there in our own neighborhoods, towns and villages.

And we'd better get on with it, class.

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SJ said...

In 2012 hopefully a republican will be back in the white house and the usa will be right back to being the unquestioned world superpower. XD