Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama announces to the UN that America is Israel's enemy.

This morning, just shy of 10:30am, I was in the car - running a bit late - and was listening to NPR. What I heard during the short time I was listening is that 1) Obama told the UN and the world that the UN needs to step in and enforce "peace" treaties and halt any sort of ethnic strife, and then the very next subject of his speech was the idea that 2) Israel must be confined to the pre-1967 borders. Implicit in the proximity, order, and intention of these statements is that Obama plans to use the UN to take away more of the mandated land from Israel and give it to the surrounding Arab nations - in the false name of "Palestine," naturally. Of course, he didn't come out and say it exactly like that - but that is what I heard. As I warned previously, Obama intends to authorize the UN with a mandate to once again shrink the Jewish reservation - this time to barely 1/4 of the original mandate, an indefensible area. In that he follows a long line of dishonorable US Presidents who had no qualms whatsoever about the ethnic genocide their policies caused when they stole land from Native Americans for their "manifest destiny," - which is manifest nowhere except the greedy imaginations of the land grabbers, unlike Israel's destiny which was declared by the prophets a long time before Obama chose sides with Israel's enemies.

Obama, who claims to be a Christian, must not have studied prophecy very well. He has clearly placed himself in league with those who would "divide the land" (per Daniel) and are condemned by God and prophesied to be swept away by history - not a smart move for a guy who hopes to have help from heaven for his country's economic recovery and protection from terrorism from those same Arabs who are chomping at the bit to rid the world of both Israel and America. If he thinks this will buy security for America, he is sadly mistaken.

There is no doubt in my mind that his defacto permission to consider Israel as an "occupier" will lead the Arabs to initiate their own "Final Solution," a Holocaust that will make the European version look like a picnic in the park. Not that Obama cares - but he should, because it won't stop there. The Muslim mentality that has no qualms expelling Jews from their God-given homeland by force will not even blink at using nukes, biological, or chemical warfare against the hedonistic, decadent, imperialist infidels of America. As long as the "pax Americana" exists, no matter how Obama tries to dress it up in UN garb, it is a threat to Muslim domination and Arab expansion and will not be countenanced.

So now we see that the warnings, unheeded, were true - Obama intends to throw Israel under the bus for Oil. The Arabs can destroy the US economy overnight simply by raising the price of oil back to $150 a barrel - and I wouldn't doubt that they have threatened to do so. Unfortunately, they will only uphold their side of the bargain as long as it is expedient for them to do so. As soon as Israel is destroyed, they will promptly reneg on whatever promises they made Obama concerning oil or anything else. Obama is betting this country's future on Islam's willingness to be bound by their word - when history has shown over and over that they have no honor. Well, good luck with that. Prophecy only matters to those who believe in it, after all. Obama knows which side his earthly bread is buttered on, and has acted accordingly.

Hope it tastes good while it lasts, Obama. You made a deal with the devil - and the rest of us get to pay the price for it.

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