Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hobnobbing with TPTB.

Last night we attended a lecture at the University, and a reception following, featuring former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

[Ehud Olmert (right) with Kentucky Governor Steve Brashear (left) at the Reception, which was held at the UK Art Museum adjacent to the Singletary Center for the Arts, where the lecture was given.]

There were hecklers, of course - people not actually interested in hearing what he had to say. Security removed most of them promptly.

The local Islamic organization arranged a big protest, and apparently supported the hecklers, too. This makes no sense to me at all, because Olmert's position, indeed his entire speech, was to make the point that he intended to give those former citizens of Egypt, Syria and Jordan now calling themselves "Palestinians" just about everything they wanted.

His proposal was to give them all of the West Bank back to the 1967 lines, except four towns which would be now be included in Israel, which would be swapped for four towns that were part of Israel in 1967 but would now be part of "Palestine." This 6.3% land swap would not affect their industrial, economic, or agricultural capabilities. Their borders would be entirely contiguous. They would have a corridor of highway that would be their own safe passage to Gaza, so that Gaza would not be cut off from the West Bank. And Israel would agree to build desalination plants for them for extra water.

Jerusalem would be divided, and the Temple mount handed over to an international authority - and no new Temple, obviously. A limited number of "Palestinians" would even be allowed to remain on the Israel side of the new border for a least 5 years, to alleviate hardship cases.

And they rejected their own sovereign state on these terms - why? They heckled the guy offering it to them - why? They acted as if this was a terrible plan - why?

They acted as if any other nation in the world would have acted differently concerning the unremitting kassam rocket attacks. But as Olmert pointed out in his speech, and I have written here before, if Mexico lobbed rockets into Texas or Arizona or New Mexico, we would have blasted them into next week, not sat around wringing our hands. If France decided to lob rockets at Britain, would they sit there and do nothing? No, they would bomb France until the French waived the white flag. And if any neighboring county had lobbed rockets into Saudi Arabia, do you think the King would whine about it to the UN? No, he's blow them back to the pre-stone age. Every intelligent person understands this, which only leaves one explanation for why the "Palestinians" don't.

Because their goal is not, and never was, to have their own sovereign state. If it was, they would have spent some of the international funds they received to build the infrastructure necessary for a sovereign nation - but they aren't doing that. They've never done that. They money they got from the international community for nation-building went into numbered Swiss bank accounts and bought more rockets.

This proves, also, that their goal is, and always has been, to kill every single Jew and purge the land of Israel of all Israelis. They are not interested in "peace."

This should be pretty obvious to even the most dense observer, and yet somehow people cling to the false belief that if we just offer them the "right" package, all will be well and peace will break out with rainbows and flowers any minute now.

Bologna. (to put it mildly)

Next he spoke about Iran, and how the world cannot sit around twiddling their thumbs while Iran speeds toward acquiring the Bomb. Not exactly a novel position, there.

After the lecture, he took some questions from the audience, and a few more hecklers. He was courteous, humorous, and respectful in his answers.

At the reception, I was able to talk with Olmert for a brief time (in all fairness, he did try and speak to everyone, so don't think I'm special or something in that regard). Unlike everybody else, I didn't ask him some question about peace. Instead, I asked him a question about education, since that is a topic I follow and am personally interested in. Olmert used to be the Education Minister (this was prior to being Prime Minister) and had done a great deal to modernize and upgrade Israeli schools and implement academic standards during his term. He had mentioned during his lecture the recent Nobel Prize in Chemistry won by an Israeli. So I asked him how Israel could continue to have such winners, and continue to be at the leading edge of innovation and science when a large and growing percentage of schoolchildren are Chereidi and the Chereidi schools ignore the standards he worked so hard to implement?

[Picture of the back of my head as I talk to Olmert. Yes, I am that short.]

His reply: *shrug* Then he said, basically, that it's not his problem anymore.

Oh, well. It didn't hurt to ask. To me, at least, the two issues are related. You certainly can't have peace if you have a bunch of fanatical ignoramuses in charge of everything, whether they have a two state solution or not.

But I guess that's a problem for another day.

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