Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Future Watch: Govt Fees and Fines Shoot Through the Roof.

An astonishing number of theoretically intelligent people believe that they don't need to do anything to prepare for peak oil or the end of dollar hegemony. They believe that they do not need to reposition themselves, make arrangements other than a car for getting to work or school and to groceries, don't need to grow any of their own food, don't need to cut down on their energy usage, and don't need to relocalize their spending to support local farms, business, artists and craftspersons, and manufacturers. They think that government is going to take care of all this - that all they have to do is sit back and wait to be saved from the follies of the past.

That's a pipe dream, class.

Make no mistake - government is not going to help you get through this crisis. Government is going to make your crisis 100x worse. The only helping hand you have is at the end of your own arm, and the arms of your family and close friends. Top economists such as Milton Friedman have been quoted as saying even Social Security should be scrapped - and its not like they're going to refund all the money you paid into it. That money is all gone - the "trust fund" is empty and has been for a long time.

Oh, granted, the government COULD embark on a radical restructuring of spending - call home all military troops and dismantle all foreign bases, cut loose all programs that should be handled at the state and local levels (such as education), focus on truly national priorities like social security, single payer healthcare and mass transit - not to mention adopting a balanced budget amendment. But we all know that is NOT going to happen. Instead, government will continue printing money until nobody anywhere will accept US dollars, and milk that pork-barrel spending to the last possible dime.

And the last dime is near to being reached. And when they're done with their last dime, they'll be looking for yours.

Of Two Minds Online
Theft By Other Means II: When the State Steals Property, Is It Not Theft?
(November 10, 2009) Charles Hugh Smith

...Here is the context for the discussion:

...Oh my gosh, we're short of money here! Go stripmine some citizens with no power or political juice. And make it snappy!

...A State law allows the police to seize property from suspects without getting a warrant and without charging them with a crime. This seems very unfair to me if not unconstitutional, what happened to the Fourth amendment?

...The State's strategy is clear: criminalize all sorts of behaviors like not paying traffic fines and then use that "criminality" as the phony justification for illegal search and seizure.

If you're not afraid of the State, you should be.

Government is not going to be helping the little guy, government is going to be squeezing the little guy for his last penny to make up for revenue shortfalls at all levels: federal, state, and local.

Expecting government to make the necessary preparations for the second (and far more disruptive) half of the economic downturn is insane - they will not even admit there is a PROBLEM until it is already so excruciatingly obvious that even primary school kids can see it. Until then, they will continue to feed you false statistics to try and lure you back into spending money you don't have, so their tax revenues will increase. And when that doesn't work (because it can't - their imaginary recovery didn't make a single job for any of the 40+ million un- and under-employed people out there) they will simply take what they "need" to keep government running.

And our communities are absolutely NOT ready.

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