Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Chereidi flaunt their coming destruction of the State of Israel.

Chereidi and other UO leaders have made no secret of the fact that their goals are to de-legitimize all other sects of Judaism and turn Israel into a mullah, I mean, Rabbi ruled theocracy which will have no toleration whatsoever for secular ideas like women's equality, civil rights for non-ultra-orthodox Jews or persons of any other religion, no toleration for science and other academic areas of education, and certainly no toleration for real military service or job applicants having civil or military service requirements. Anyone with half a brain realizes this will be a disaster - the end of the State of Israel as anyone knows it, because non-ultra-orthodox Jews will not support such a state, and moderate Muslims and Christians who just want to live in peace will become Dhimmis (second class citizens) worse than they already are.

The end result will be a bankrupt and militarily vulnerable Israel that intelligent, educated people will flee in droves. The Chereidi do not care, though, because they are suffering from the delusion that their supposedly "perfect" society will cause God to miraculously protect them from bombs and invasion. They will be very astonished as they are proven wrong. And while that may be somewhat gratifying to non-UO Jews, it's not worth the destruction of Israel or the second holocaust that will ensue.

But the smugness of the Chereidi is based in one presumption that is true: non-Orthodox Jews have bought heavily into population control propaganda, despite the fact that it is quite ridiculous to suggest a people who comprise only 1% or so of the world's people are somehow overpopulated. Non UO Jews have a less than replacement level of childbearing, and show no signs of changing their priorities. So the Ravs are right about one thing: they will soon outnumber educated modern Jews by a considerable margin.

Ynet News Online
Former MK to seculars: Instead of protesting, have babies
Menahem Porush, who was active in religious disputes in Jerualem, tells Ynet that behind every secular protest in capital 'is a small group of youngsters consumed by hatred.' He also has some strategic advice for his ideological rivals
by Kobi Nahshoni, Published: 11.30.09, 15:39

...In a conversation with Ynet he asserted, "All those who are fomenting (opposition) are a very small group of young people consumed by hatred. It's nothing. We have no reason to be intimidated by them. We are growing bigger and will continue to do so. Nothing will stop it."

...he emphasized that, in his view, "the haredim are not commandeering Jerusalem, but are only putting an end to the secular domination."

"All of this hatred is out of jealousy," said Rabbi Porush. "They (the seculars) just need to show that they are still here, but they barely exist at all."

...The former MK insisted that veteran Jerusalemites need not feel threatened by the haredim. "We don't bother them. We just know how to wage larger battles than them," he said.

...Instead of protesting, the haredi leader suggested that the secular people concentrate on having more children to win the demographic battle in the city..."What do they have? Everywhere we open a yeshiva, a seminar, they fill up immediately while the secular schools stand empty."

...They can also become religious," said the rabbi with a word of advice.

By "religious," of course, he means ultra-orthodox, since every other sect of Judaism is comprised, in their view, of impostors who are going to hell.

I have to feel sorry for all those innocent little Chereidi children who will die horribly with their baffled parents - parents who were told by the Ravs that they didn't need secular education, didn't need a real understanding of history, geopolitics, economics or sociology to run a country. All they had to do was pretend to live in the middle ages and study the Talmud and God would magically take care of them all in spite of the fact that actual educated wage earners who pay taxes and give to charity would surely leave the type of religiously repressive taliban-like environment they intend to create.

Well, good luck with that.

Rest in Peace, Israel. It was a nice dream.

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