Monday, December 28, 2009

Yes, Virginia, it is evil to indoctrinate children into Racism.

Once again the Chereidi demonstrate why they should not be allowed to run schools or be in charge of children's education at all - and that includes their parents, evidently. These elementary age girls didn't receive this reprehensible idea by osmosis out of the thin blue air - the racist teachings of their school and their parents are clearly to blame.

Ha'aretz Online
Ashkenazi girls skip school to protest anti-segregation court ruling
By Or Kashti
December 24, 2009
[Hat Tip: Religion and State in Israel]

Some 70 students at the Beit Yaakov girls' school in Immanuel have not been attending class, in the wake of Education Ministry attempts to force the ultra-Orthodox institution to comply with a Supreme Court ruling against segregating Sephardi and Ashkenazi students.

The ministry may prosecute the parents of the absent students under the mandatory education law, officials said...

...The court demanded the school "remove every formal and material sign of the rampant discrimination." The court ruling came in response to a petition by Yoav Lalum of the Noar Kahalacha association, and Dr. Aviad Hacohen, dean of the Sha'arei Mishpat law school.

Two weeks ago, Lalum and Hacohen complained the school and education network were in contempt of court, and were not following the ruling. The Education Ministry's comment on the complaint states that representatives of the school network claimed they did indeed remove every sign of segregation, including different uniforms, different recess times and different school rules.

However, the educators also said they were still entitled to divide the students between "Hassidic" and "General" programs. Lalum says the Hassidic program is attended exclusively by Ashkenazi girls, while the general program is attended by Sephardi girls.

The school has 215 students from first to eighth grade, 35 percent of whom are Sephardi...

...Senior school officials rejected the argument that the separate programs were discriminatory. "We respected the court's decision and unified the programs. It wasn't simple, and some parents decided their children shouldn't study together," an official said...

The terrible crime of these Sephardi girls is supposedly that they are less capable of learning than White, I mean Ashkenazi girls. And how can the administration tell they are not-so-rigorous students? As we have discussed before, it's because they're not perfectly white. Since all native Middle Easterners are relatively dark skinned - including the authentic Hebrew ancestors of all Jews, this racism against non-whites comes straight from Catholic Europe, which clearly intermingled with Jewish migrants centuries ago to produce the white-looking mixed-race group we now refer to as Ashkenaz. To put that somewhat less politely, they're mongrels projecting their deep-seated fear of being non-Hebrew onto people who are far more Hebrew than they - Sephardi Jews of the Near East and Mediterranean regions.

And you know what else, Virginia? Moshe in fact married a black woman from Ethiopia, which is why in retribution for her racism God turned Miriam snow white with leprosy.

White enough for you, Ashkenaz?

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