Friday, February 19, 2010

Just whose definition of "immoral" is that?

Just so you know, the Republicans, who for the most part claim to be Christians, claim to follow the Judeo-Christian ethic, but have completely thrown off any semblance of actual Christianity, embracing greed instead of supporting the poor, the fatherless and the widow, are now openly telling the unemployed they should be happy to work at a job that won't pay an average mortgage or meet any reasonable standard of living, because the days of "selling their possessions and having all things in common" (Acts chp 4) and caring for the sick and poor (which they are commanded to do) have been replaced by the days of "let them live in shacks in tent cities" and "let them die in the street" if they can't afford care.

I'm pretty sure that's not the Judeo-Christian ethic, at least that's not what MY Tanakh says.

World Net Daily
Abolish Unemployment Benefits
Robert Ringer
Posted: February 19, 2010

...We should not lose sight of the fact that there are scores of other government programs that are both immoral and costly – and that need to be abolished...Take unemployment benefits, for example...

Excuse me? Immoral? Orwell would be proud, Ringer. You clearly don't know the definition of the word.

...That's right, unemployment benefits make the average worker worse off, not better, because, like minimum-wage laws, they cause unemployment.

The fact is that when people say they can't find a job, what they often mean is they can't find the job they want, at the wage they want, under the working conditions they want – which means that high unemployment is, to a great extent, a result of workers simply refusing to accept low-paying jobs, preferring instead to live off of government largesse [sic]...

Of course, not only can Mr. Ringer not spell but Mr. Ringer would not in a million years accept a job that didn't pay enough for him to live a middle class lifestyle, yet he expects the unemployed to just let their homes be reposessed and go live in the woods, since the jobs he proposes for them - which are where, exactly? - will never pay any regular family's expenses. This is just another case of the "haves" telling the "have nots" to DIAF, because they have no intention of admitting to any sort of social contract guaranteeing basic human dignity to people's whose entire job base has been outsourced to places where the top pay is $.50 an hour if they're lucky. I'd like to see Mr. Ringer agree to work for the rest of his life for $.50 an hour. Until he does, he's a first class hypocrite.

...Then, lo and behold, a kid came to our door and said that his dad had a snow blower and would remove the snow from our driveway for $20. I couldn't believe it. Without government regulation to thwart him, here was a man who was undercutting the first snow-removal guy by 80 percent. Can anything be more beautiful than watching the free market in action? Again, I got his telephone number after he finished shoveling our driveway...

That's right - all you middle aged men out there with 2.3 kids and a dog, and a house worth 30% less than the mortgage on it, should be happy to be in a market where you can earn $20 shoveling your neighbor's snow because the $100 adult was underbid by a 14 year old with no dependents and no house payment.

Hear that? You don't deserve unemployment because some kid with a snow blower - that wasn't even HIS - will work for a fraction of what you NEED to survive in today's economy as an adult with a home (or even a rent payment).

...If compassionate politicians are really serious about lowering unemployment, the first two things they should do is eliminate unemployment benefits and abolish minimum-wage laws. Follow that with slashing the corporate tax rate to 10 percent (for starters), and unemployment would very quickly become an anachronism.

The free market really does work. It's just not the way progressives would like it to work...

It's not the way things work in third world backwaters where the wages are pennies an hour and the sweat-shops can force you to work 7 days a week 365 days a year with no sabbaths, religious holidays, vacation, sick leave or even national holidays off. That's the kind of work environment the Republicans want - sweat shops for everyone but the handful of "wealthy elite" who collects all the profit off the backs of their slaves. This is the Republican dream - and this is what is IMMORAL, not unemployment benefits.

This is why I am no longer Republican, class.

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TH in SoC said...

It's also why I am no longer Republican. I stopped drinking their Kool-Aid long ago. Gasoline has a better chance of surviving the Day of Judgment unburnt than do many of the rich in this country. This is especially true of rich politicians (many of whom are Republican).