Thursday, February 18, 2010

Step up to the plate, men!

Hard-core feminists are continually dismayed that the majority of women simply aren't interested in having their kids raised in herds by strangers. When you let your kids be raised by other people, you end up with other people's children and more and more mothers don't want "other people's kids." Concerned about the physical and mental health of their children, not to mention the religious, philosophical and political teachings that their kids are being exposed to when others care for them, numerous moms have decided to reject the hard-core feminists claim that only a career and financial independence will make them happy and result in children with qualities they want them to have. Increasingly, it is evident to young mothers who look at the kids around them every day that the the kids raised in herds by strangers in daycare centers are not the type of kids they want.

UK Daily Mail Online
What women want in 2010: A husband who'll be the main breadwinner
By Beth Hale
Last updated at 10:09 AM on 18th February 2010

Young mothers are turning their backs on high-powered careers to raise their children, a study has's generation is returning to the traditional values of home and family - and looking to men to be the breadwinners...

...'Having tried full-time working themselves they have found the home much more interesting and want to be enabled to have that - especially if the only job they have access to is a dull job.'

He said there had been a gradual move back towards 'more positive evaluations of women's traditional "work" in the family and informal community'.

While mothers have increased the amount of paid work they do, he said this was mostly part-time work, enabling them also to spend time in the home...

At the end of the article, you'll see that the feminists promptly claimed that lack of "affordable" daycare was the problem. However, no matter how affordable the daycare is more and more mothers are simply deciding that they themselves want to be the ones not just to enjoy their youngster's numerous "firsts" but also to shape their child's religious, philosophical and political beliefs - to be there after school to discuss the day's lessons with them, have time to spend with them and demonstrate their values in their everyday lives.

Feminists of course have a collective apoplexy at the very idea that women actually want to have children and raise their own children - to them, taking care of kids is something minimum wage brown or black people do, not what middle-class or wealthy educated white women are supposed to do. It's class warfare at a very disgusting level - they themselves would not for one minute work for the inadequate wages and benefits of daycare providers. Instead they exploit poor and minority women, and still complain the price of daycare is "too high." And stay at home mothers? They're not even human beings to feminists - they're "slaves."

I have to laugh, however, at these women chained to their desk, servants to their boss (or if they are the boss, to their corporation), who have every minute of their day controlled and monitored by their taskmasters who claim stay-at-home mothers are "enslaved." One, my time is my own 24/7 - I now work outside the home the few hours I want to while the kids are involved in classes and activities (and have only been doing so for a bit over a year) and the rest of the time I spend with them - very enjoyably. I'll be by the poolside reading a book this summer while my boys are swimming, giving them a tour of the latest museum exhibit in a week or so, discussing the oscar-nominated documentary "Food, Inc." which we saw together, working with them in the garden this spring and teaching them to cook in the kitchen this summer so they have at least a chance of being competent self-sufficient adults. We have a plethora of card games and board games for rainy days, and I don't just let them win. That's slavery? Really? I'll take two, please. Have fun at your desk all day - and too bad when your kid gets a fever and is sent home from care, eh? Not a problem at my house.

We have lived a reasonably middle class lifestyle on one income ever since we got married - and no, my husband does not make 6 figures. He never even graduated from college - he simply learned a useful skill and has had a good steady job at it since his 20s. We don't go on fancy vacations, at one time we had only one car, we rarely eat out, we line dry our laundry and otherwise live simply - and just about everybody else can do the same, too.

And by the way, the unemployment problem would disappear overnight in this country if every married woman with school age children decided not to work,or at least not to work except while they're in school. Imagine how much MORE money you'll have when you're not spending it on daycare, "work clothes," being in a higher tax bracket, gasoline for the 2nd career, take-out and processed food and all the other expenses that make up the Two Income Trap. Most mothers are actually economically better off not being stuck with the hidden and not-so-hidden expenses of being part of the corporate workforce.

Of course, homeschooling is another great advantage of being a stay-at-home. Can't afford private school tuition? Live in a cruddy school district? Not a problem for me - you working moms out there will just have to suck it up and either fork over the cash for private school or hope your kids come out the public system not scarred for life or hindered from future gainful employment by their institutionalized ignorance.

But I digress...increasingly, young moms are "just saying no" to throwing their kids to the wolves, and men need to step up to the plate and do their part to protect their kids from an increasingly dysfunctional society that thinks kids are like pets - pet them on the head a few minutes after work and they'll be fine.

They won't be, and it's time our materialist consumer society stopped pretending otherwise.

Traditional Judaism has always been clear on this point, with very few rare exceptions - it is a man's responsibility to provide for his family. Kids need their mothers and wives need their husbands to make that possible. If you aren't willing to do that, then stay in kollel and stay single.

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