Sunday, April 25, 2010

Take the lid off the garbage.

Look around you, class. Living wage jobs are nearly impossible to find now whereas only one generation ago an average man working an average job could support his family and have a reasonably middle class lifestyle on his wages alone. Now even with two adult incomes and credit, people still are falling to the level of third world countries, slowly but surely, in our standard of living. Why? Because we continue to buy from companies that outsource their labour to places that have no wage and labour laws, no environmental laws, no health and safety laws, and no regard for people's rights or living conditions. The new Robber Barons view people as interchangeable parts, to be replaced or discarded at will. It's grossly unethical and will lead only to the watering down of wage and labour laws in (so-called) first world nations.

The Middle Class Game Is Up: We're Heading to a Slave Labor Planet
By Joe Bageant,
Posted on April 22, 2010, Printed on April 25, 2010

..."Trade is the road to peace. Commerce and business know no national boundaries. They link nations together on productivity, creating jobs and peace across the world."

It sounded good at the time. Who would have thought that the people enjoying all this harmony and peace brought about through globalization would be enjoying it in a one big happy planetary work gulag? And if they are not doing so at the moment, they will be as soon global capitalism, under the watchful solidarity of the rich, bears full fruit.

Thanks to globalization, the American, Australian and European working classes are on their way to extinction, in terms of their traditional rights, and quality of life. Just like the workers being poisoned to death by circuit board toxins in Guiyu, China, their fates will be determined by global capital, either by default or by bitter struggle against it. We are not seeing much of the latter and are not likely to, until it is too late, which it may already be. After all, you cannot put up much of a struggle against global capital when you worship it a creed and are addicted to commodities too...

...There is no way the world's working people can win in the long run, which is getting pretty damned short, or even survive, except by joining the worker struggles, of China, Asia and Africa and India. The idea that American workers are the same as the Asian and Latin American and African working people goes down hard in American gullets.

But for Americans, it does not go down at all. As a people, they'll never ever accept that fact, because they'll never know it for at least two reasons. (1) They are too over worked and undereducated to find out for themselves, and (2) American corporate media machinery will never let them hear of it. Americans are screwed, blued and tattooed...

...There is no way out of our culture manufacturing machinery. We're not in charge. It would be bigger than any one of us because it consists of all of us. It tells us all we are individuals supremely worthy of our silliest notions and desires, thereby making us soft and lazy, infantilized an incapable of truly effective solidarity as a people. Instead, we are fed Tea Party drivel. Even if CNN decided to send Coop to Guiyu to cover the blood poisoned worker women with the deformed children, the result would be the same. The guy in Cedar Rapids would see further proof that "Me live in best place in world. Got Cheetos." Or perhaps a nice Cotes du Rhône if you are a member of the commodity drugged educated faux middle class.

And I wanna say to them: "Not for much longer, buddy. Not much longer. And you can thank Anderson Cooper and a helluva lot of other people like him who do not have a clue, but nevertheless inhabit your very mind, for that."

I think they do have a clue, actually. They know the end results of what they're doing and they don't care - why should they? They already got theirs. All that drivel they spout about it "not being a zero sum game" is hogwash and they know it. There's only so much wealth to go around, and the more they have the less you can do about it, eh? To "sustain" their wealth they HAVE to make sure you don't expand yours. That's a fact, class. A sustainable economy only has so much, an unsustainable one collapses under its own weight. Either way, the already wealthy win, so they don't care which way it goes. Get that through your head, class. There is no more "social contract." There is no more commonwealth. There is only the Haves and the Have-Nots, and the Haves have no intention of giving any of theirs to the Have-Nots.

Go die in the street without jobs, homes or healthcare - that's their message, touted loud and clear by the Teapartiers who, by the way, are not planning to give up their Medicare and Social Security and Disability regardless of how "Socialist" those things really are. Why should they? They've got theirs already. Too bad for you, class.

This country deserves to collapse.

But if you for some strange reason don't want it to, then you have to be subversive - and by that I don't mean getting hauled off by the gestapo, er, homeland security, and bankrupted. No, the government is only a puppet for the Robber Barons. If you want either off your back, you have to stop giving power to the Robber Barons.

How? As was mentioned last post, stop feeding them your hard-earned money, first and foremost. Buy local, buy American, buy First World, or don't buy at all.

Next, don't vote for any political candidate who has received funding from the Robber Barons. They are bought and paid for. If that means you don't vote at all, then don't be guilted into believing that's a bad thing. Votes imply popular support. Further, protest noisily with email, phone calls, and letters regarding government posts filled by ex-employees of the Robber Barons. No more revolving door between Monstanto and the FDA, or any other cozy industry-lobby-government relationship. Make it stink, class - make it stink to high heaven.

And finally, be willing to do for ourselves what the Robber Barons won't do - lobby foreign governments for wage and labour laws, support international unionization initiatives, and work to embarrass and humiliate companies that treat workers like machine parts and slaves. Blog about them, talk to your friends about them, support groups that work against them. And make sure everyone you know KNOWS that these Robber Barons are the reason they are working crappy jobs for crappy wages. Only when these companies are too odious to be tolerated will they change their ways. And only you can make the stink that makes them stink, too.


TH in SoC said...

Amen! But activists seem to be too hard to find nowadays. It can get frustrating...

SJ said...

>> Next, don't vote for any political candidate who has received funding from the Robber Barons. They are bought and paid for.

B. Hussein Obama received $994,795 from Goldman Sachs for election 2008.

B. Hussein Obama has no plans to return the money.

Ahavah Gayle said...

Obama's astonishing inability to keep his campaign promises stems directly from being controlled by the Robber Barons. These days, you can't get elected to ANY high office without their approval, you know.