Thursday, May 06, 2010

Futurewatch: Those receiving US welfare or state aid coerced into abortions.

Can't happen here? It's already happening - in the foster care system. AFDC and Food Stamps are next, class. I'm pretty sure I have written about this possiblility before, but I think this is the first actual news article I have seen about forced abortions for those receiving social services here in America. Using contraception and being required to have an abortion or face having CPS take your other children is going to be the norm, not the exception, as funds dry up and such rules for receiving aid are implemented. It's time for Chereidi and other Jewish communities to get out of the welfare system now, before this happens to an innocent Jewish child.

Girl's 'forced' abortion blamed on government 'death panel'
'This is what happens in China. Girls are taken kicking and screaming'
Posted: May 06, 2010 12:19 pm Eastern
By Bob Unruh © 2010 WorldNetDaily

A longtime veteran of the battle against abortion in the United States says the case of a Philadelphia teen who reportedly was coerced into a late-term abortion by a social services agency can be blamed on government's so-called "death panels."

The issue of "death panels" came up during discussion of President Obama's now-approved nationalization of health care services in the country, and critics said the plan included government boards that simply would approve or refuse certain medical services for some patients – or decide life or death.

Obamacare supporters vocally denied that such panels existed or would exist, but Troy Newman, chief of the pro-life Operation Rescue organization, said the Philadelphia case is documentation that they already exist and are operating...

..."This is what happens in China," Newman told WND. "Girls are taken from their homes, kicking and screaming, thrown in a van, taken to abortionists and they undergo a forced abortion."

He said it's also not that much of a rarity in the United States, citing cases he's witnessed where girls and women under direct supervision of various governmental agencies, from detention centers to foster care settings, were delivered to abortionists.

"It's something we've been following for years. We've seen forced abortions in prison settings. We've seen these women in chains brought to abortionists. We've seen foster care parents, and the whole system, force teens into abortion," he said.

He said the nuance now is that Obamacare will be installing in the nation a long list of new government oversight boards...

...The Daily News reported the pregnant teen was told by a social worker either to get an abortion or have her 1-year-old toddler removed from her care.

The newspaper the social services agency obtained a court order for the abortion because the girl's birth mother refused to approve the plan, and by the time social workers made all the arrangements, they had to take the girl out of state because she was 24 weeks pregnant, and in Pennsylvania they are illegal at that stage.

The social worker who had not wanted to accompany the teen to the abortion, Rivera, then told the newspaper she was fired after the March abortion because of her decision.

"They hired me to work in child protection, not to kill children," she told the newspaper. Department of Human Services officials refused to talk about the case with the newspaper, citing privacy laws...

..."You can't or shouldn't be threatening to break up a family depending upon whether somebody gets an abortion or not," Caplan told the newspaper. "That is . . . unethical practice, it's not even common sense."

According to LifeNews, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council says he worries the Pennsylvania incident may become more commonplace under the government-run health care plan President Barack Obama signed that funds abortions.

"What can we expect from the new federal health care plan? Well, if this story from Pennsylvania is any indication, a multi-state pro-abortion campaign," he said...

...The foster mother reported the teen was excited about her son, and had told her 1-year-old daughter she was going to have a brother. The teen's birth mother, who identified herself to the newspaper as Deborah M., said, "Someone who went to go get an ultrasound, [found] out it's a boy, they give the boy a name, that's somebody who wants to have that baby."

But the foster mother reported Brown had talked about the pregnancy with the teen in her presence. She said Brown told the teen DHS would separate her children if she had the second child...

As government resources dwindle, two things will happen. One, more and more people will be dropped from aid rolls. And two, the requirements for receiving aid will be imposed on people regardless of their philosophical or religious beliefs, on pain of having the state take away your other children and put them into non-Jewish fostercare as a punishment for a woman refusing to use contraception or have an abortion. They will use terrorism against parents to enforce their policies and not blink an eye.

They can and they will do this. There is no recourse or rights for parents where CPS is called in - the horror stories are endless on that account alone.

Make no mistake - once you sign on to the public trough, they will assert the right to make these decisions for you. The only solution is to avoid the public trough at all costs. That means our communities are going to have to stop relying on welfare of any kind and start providing for themselves, with reasonable secular academic education and training in the arts, crafts, and skills needed for men to make a living.

If we don't, the consequences could be very, very ugly.

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