Friday, July 09, 2010

The REAL reason govt won't extend unemployment benefits.

I have been wondering what possible fit of stupidity has left Republicans thinking that the vast majority of people will somehow find jobs when they refuse to extend unemployment benefits. Even the most modest analysis shows at least 5 unemployed people for every single job opening - obviously "jobs" exist for only 20% (max) of the unemployed - and I put the term "jobs" in quotes because a job that won't pay your mortgage payment and costs of living each month is not a job. There ARE NO living wage jobs available to the vast majority of unemployed, many of which are youths 19-24.

The rest are primarily adults over age 45 (cleverly disguised in this chart by breaking the age groups differently) that companies WILL NOT hire because it would make their health insurance rates go up. Those over 55 have largely given up trying to find a job and are no longer counted as "unemployed," even though they are.

As I was pondering why the Republican party would want consumer spending to drop further, and more people to be forced out of their homes, I head a story on NPR the other day. (I will post a link as soon as I find one.) The story was about a young father who had been killed (I think) in Afghanistan who had joined the military for one express purpose - to obtain health insurance for one of his children, who had been diagnosed with CF or MS or some other terrible illness, I can't recall. None of the jobs available in the small town where he lived offered health insurance, and they didn't qualify for state aid. He had two choices - let his child die without treatment or join the military.

I used to think "A" was the preferred Republican opinion - that the poor and homeless would just die and stop being a nuisance. But I had a sudden thought while listening to that NPR story.

The real reason they refuse to implement an extension of unemployment benefits is to force people to join the military.

With even wildly patriotic conservative Christians beginning to understand that the wars we are financing are throwing Billions of dollars away at the expense of taking care of the poor and sick and elderly, recruitment cannot but go down. It is more and more apparent that the goals of these wars are to benefit the wealthy elite and continue exploiting third world nations for their resources, at gunpoint, instead of protecting American industries and developing local and regional sustainability. With more and more people realizing these things, there is no hope of sustaining recruitment if people have other alternatives.

So the Republicans are making sure people don't have other alternatives.

A draft would never pass in this day and age - this is the next best thing, using economic terrorism to enlarge "voluntary" military enlistment.

And if some get killed, well, that's ok. It means they won't need VA care when they get home, right? Everybody wins - well, all the important people win. The Robber Barons and the Military Industrial Complex win. The "non-negotiable" American way of life is kept alive a bit longer. The losers? The dead guys (and gals) and their families, the oppressed exploited third world peoples, and of course the environment - but who cares about them? They're not important. They're just serfs, after all.

That's you, class, they're thinking of when they decide to let you lose your home, your health insurance, and your life. You're a an interchangeable part to them.

And don't you forget it.

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