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Should you trust science?

The wrestling match between science and religion has been a messy battleground, to say the least. But outside that arena, even out in the secular realm, science is in the process of being ignored and discredited in the public mind because, as I had posted a researcher saying in one blog some time back, the results of studies, "part like the red sea" depending on who's doing the funding. Science for sale in the medical community is even the subject of an article in this month's Scientific American Magazine.

But there are other reasons to be leery of "scientific" findings - one being that, according to a survey, most "scientists" have beliefs that are diametrically opposed to the religious worldview. Industries such as food production, medicine, and countless household products use scientists to develop their products. These beliefs held by those scientists affect how scientists do science, how regulators treat products, and how scientist/doctors treat patients.

The western capitalist movers and shakers want people to adopt a religion of scientism, a belief that science is always right. But how can it be, when scientists only "prove" what they're paid to prove and they don't believe that individual people are unique beings with inherent value? Would you trust your health, safety, environment and even your life to people with these beliefs?

Natural News Online
Readers stunned to learn that conventional scientists don't believe in mind, spirit, free will or consciousness

...People were shocked, they wrote, to discover that most conventional scientists believe human beings are mere "biological robots" with no mind, no soul, no free will and no consciousness. "Now it makes sense," one reader told us, "that the GMOs and vaccines are done in the name of science, because scientists have no respect for conscious living creatures."

...In fact, the core philosophy of "science" is a Godless, mindless, soulless, empty chasm of pointless despair utterly lacking in ethics and empathy. This is why so much destruction is unleashed upon our world in the name of "science" -- pesticides, vaccines, mercury fillings, GMOs, nuclear weapons and much more. Because it is all based on a system of belief that is devoid of meaning.

...Oppenhiemer was right: Science has become the destroyer of our world. Through its runaway genetic pollution of our planet (GMOs), the chemical contamination of our world (pharmaceuticals), the destruction of our soils (pesticides) and the very denials of our own conscious existence, science has become a diabolical, wicked mechanism of destruction that has delivered suffering, despair and death to our world.

...This denial of our consciousness, free will and even our humanity is a thread that permeates the thinking of modern science. As another example of this, Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of DNA, is on the record saying:

"You, your joys and sorrows, your memories and your ambitions, your sense of personal identity and free will, are in fact no more than the behavior of a vast assembly of nerve cells and their associated molecules." - The Astonishing Hypothesis (book)

...The history of "science" is replete with accounts of insanely evil madmen who carried out crimes against humanity as part of their "scientific" advancement. For example, the former Chairman of the drug company Bayer (yes, the aspirin company) was a Nazi war criminal who was convicted of crimes against humanity during the Nuremberg trials. As reported on

Dr. Fritz ter Meer, a director of IG Farben who was directly involved in developing the nerve gas, Zyklon-B, which killed millions of Jews, was sentenced to seven years in prison but was released after four years through the intervention of Rockefeller and J.J. McCloy, then U.S. High Commissioner for Germany. An unrepentant Fritz ter Meer, guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity, returned to work in Bayer where he served as Chairman for more than 10 years, until 1961.

...All of these evil, even downright demonic medical experiments were done in the name of "science." And it was all made possible because science believes there is no such thing as a real, conscious human being. Therefore, murdering them (or using them for medical experiments) is of no ethical consequence.

But this belief that human beings do not have a mind, a soul, or even free will stands at odds with the core beliefs of the vast majority of human beings. Most people believe either in God or in some higher creative force that permeates our universe. Most people believe they are, themselves, conscious beings with free will. But scientists do not! They insist that there is no such thing as a "mind" and only the human BRAIN controls your actions, thoughts and words. The brain is a deterministic biochemical machine, they proclaim, and YOU do not even exist as a soul, or spirit, or reflection of God or anything resembling a conscious being.

Do you now understand how these core, distorted beliefs of the scientific community are evil in nature? They are diabolical. They deny the value of you and everyone else as a living, conscious being. This is why science offers the perfect pretext for genocidal crimes against humanity. This is why the Nazi war machine and its IG Farben chemical experiments on Jews were all carried out in the name of science. This is why "science" can give us atomic weapons, GMOs, population control vaccines, mass chemical poisoning and the rampant destruction of our world -- because science is based on an empty, mindless, soulless philosophy that denies our conscious existence.

...They put forth these dehumanizing ideas that claim we are all delusional for recognizing our own consciousness. They disparage those who believe in spirit (or God) and demonize anyone who talks of free will. These scientists are evil soulless people who attempt to strip away our humanity and convince people that life has no value because consciousness doesn't exist in the first place.

Science today has become technology without ethics...

...mathematics without understanding... without empathy.

"Science" has become the Godless, mindless, soulless platform from which the darkest evils of our world now fester and attempt to expand their domination. GMOs, chemical pesticides, rampant over-vaccination of children, fluoride chemicals in the water, chemotherapy poisons... the list seems endless.

"Science" has found a way to measure the electrical impulses of a heart beat but is incapable of understanding what it means to have a heart in the first place. "Science" says you should abandon any belief in your own God or spirit or creative force in the universe and instead put your faith in them as if they were gods! Believe in science, they insist, but nothing else.

...While "scientists" spend their days blowing things apart in supercolliders, the real knowledge seekers of our world spend their time integrating mind, body and spirit to achieve a holistic and fully-integrated understanding of our existence.

As a civilization, we have followed these scientists too far down the path of delusion and destruction. It is time that we changed our course and sought a different path -- a path of wisdom that requires, at its outset, the simple and obvious recognition of the existence of consciousness. Even this rudimentary step in the journey toward wisdom cannot be achieved by all the sciences in the world, it seems. Virtually the entire scientific community stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the existence of anything it cannot see, weigh or measure. So ideas of prayer, intuition, precognition, connection with spirit, and even empathy are considered worthless fragments of nonsense that are cast aside by the "scientific" community.

This is why science can never enhance our understanding of our existence. It has no tools to explore those things that supersede the physical universe, and it has no interest in opening the door to those spooky questions that invoke anything resembling intention, conscious creation or a higher power in the universe. Only a small fraction of actual scientists operating today are even asking questions about consciousness, mind-matter interactions or "quantum mind" effects. And those few scientists -- bless them all -- are being widely disparaged by the arrogant conventional scientists who are desperately trying to convince us all that they are our gods and there's nothing else out there.

So think about this, class. The "scientists" out there developing the medicines and products you use every day are bought and paid for by the companies who hired them - companies who expect to make a profit from their products.

Do these companies or these scientists CARE if their product kills people - when, according to "science," the world is overpopulated anyway?

Do they care if these products make people sick, messes up their hormones, causes obesity or other health problems, especially if they also happen to sell an antidote?

Do they care if these products wreck havoc on the environment, especially if it takes several years or decades for the cumulative effects to become obvious?

Do the drug manufacturers and doctors actually care about you as an unique, individual person and value your life, especially if you can't afford to pay for your care?

The answer to all of these questions is NO. They don't.

Will they ever admit their culpability? No, they won't.

Can you trust these "studies?" No, you can't.

And people are dying every day, being refused medical treatment every day, being poisoned and contaminated every day - because unregulated western-style capitalism, propelled by "science," is unethical and immoral and cares only about money, not about people.

This is where "science" is now. Long forgotten is the original goal of science, to make life better for people, to make a better world for all of us to live in. Now science is obsessed with making money, with controlling markets and forcing out unpatentable natural products, eliminating jobs for people with mechanization, and designing more efficient means of killing "enemies" - that is, anyone who refuses to implement the unethical godless western capitalism that exploits both people and resources with no thought for the people or the future.

Science has become untrustworthy. And I am inclined to agree with this author, also - science, as practiced in this day and age, has become evil. The USDA and the FDA are bought and paid for by the same greedy corporations that own the scientific studies that "prove" their products are safe and "prove" natural products aren't.

It's all bull malarky. Caveat Emptor

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