Sunday, July 08, 2012

The Election: Short, Concise and to the Point

With the elections this November permeating every news story (whether it's about the election or not) I wanted to make a point that I think has been lost in the shuffle. The two main parties in this country are, at the core, promoting diametrically opposed ideas of what this nation should be doing with its tax dollars. The voters need to decide how they want their money to be spent, and the choices are extremely clear.

If you vote Democrat (or any similarly inclined third party) you are voting to put American Citizens first. You are voting to strengthen the social safety net, to recognize a basic human right to healthcare, and to protect social security. You are voting to stop pretending that the US has any right to butt into other country's political and religious beliefs, to stop using warfare as a means of securing other nation's resources and as a means of imposing economic imperialism on other peoples. You are voting to make sure people have the right to a real free market that not manipulated by corporations who refuse to label their products and continue to sell you unsafe garbage. You are voting to ensure that there is not a separate special rarified elite who are entitled to benefits and privileges unavailable to average citizens. You are voting to put education and our people's future wellbeing above militancy and strongarming.

If you vote Republican (or any similarly inclined third party), you are voting to put American Citizens last on the priority list. You are voting to gut the social safety net, to let people die on the street due to lack of healthcare and housing, and to force old people to be a burden to their children and grandchildren. You are voting to continue making enemies around the world, to endanger US citizens everywhere, and to use gunpoint as a legitimate means of "diplomacy." You are voting to oppress and enslave citizens of less developed countries, pay pennies on the dollar for their resources and keep their economies unable to support themselves due to our exploitation. You are voting to continue to allow Congress to vote national single-payer non-profit insurance for themselves while denying it to everyone else. You are voting to continue to allow corporation to hide the ingredients of their products and grease the palms of FDA and USDA officials who are supposed to be regulating them (ha!). You are voting to create a super-wealthy above-the-law class of people that is answerable to no one because they're "too big to fail" and "too big to prosecute" (because not shaking their lobbyist money revenue stream is far more important to Republicans than justice of any kind).

This man is the representative of my state, and I am so ashamed of him that every time he is shown on TV I cringe at what sort of unethical and immoral let-them-eat-cake sentiment is going to be spewing from his mouth this time.

This party of wealthy elitist hypocrites used to be my party. I am truly horrified that I used to be affiliated with these narcissistic people. Even worse, many of them actually claim a religious basis for their refusal to help the poor, widows & orphans, sick and elderly, and their willingness to use military force to steal their unfair share of the world's resources. It's such a perversion of either part of the Judeo-Christian heritage that I don't see how ANY reasonably educated person can believe such garbage.

Yet they do. It makes me want to puke.

Why is it that Americans can't understand what these policies are really about? If it was about "spreading democracy" and "protecting ethnic minorities" they'd be gung-ho about Tibet, and Darfur, and countless other places where cultural and ethnic genocide is taking place daily - and they'd be falling all over themselves to return lands and funds to Native American tribes, the first victims of American's "Manifest Destiny" delusion. But those other places don't have natural resources, so America doesn't care. And the Native American tribes don't have anything of value, either, since any such things were taken from them by force long ago.

Or...the world's other victims are being occupied by bigger bullies, such as China. Funny republicans are willing to antagonize poor, relatively undeveloped countries but suddenly their "values" melt when it comes to China, the largest holder of US debt. China's officials force women to have late-term abortions against their will and even resort to infanticide to punish poor couples who can't pay the exorbitant "fines" for having a child (if they can, no problem!). So where is the republican "pro-life" stance now? China is positioning its military to seize lands belonging to other nations in the Pacific Rim. Do the Republicans openly challenge that? Do they have an official unambiguous position on defending Taiwan? So much for "America's moral leadership" McCain was blathering about this morning on Face the Nation.

Republicans can hardly blame China for doing what they themselves are doing - special privileges for the wealthy elite, colonizing other nations to exploit their land and resources (in China's case, Africa), and leaving the African nationals with no recourse, and buying oil futures like there's no tomorrow. The pot would be calling the kettle black, so they can't say anything. And truthfully, Republicans only have a problem with this because THEY want all the world's resources for themselves. They don't have any problem at all with the methods. I've even heard republicans talk about sterilizing the poor in return for public assistance, and punishing people who have children when they aren't in a "traditional" conservative style marriage relationship. This kind of junk slips out of their mouths on a regular basis. Rush Limbaugh recently even said, out loud on the air, that this country went to pot as soon as women got the vote. And do you ever hear Republicans saying how Saudi Arabia forbids people to have any religion other than Islam? Or do you hear them ever say how Islamic nations oppress women's rights? No. In short, everything oppressive Islamic and communist governments are doing, Republicans would like to do, too - just without the complications from China, Russia, and OPEC.

If you vote Republican, this is what you are voting for: a failed theory of "trickle-down" economics that doesn't have a SHRED of proof that anyone other than the 1% actually benefits, and an even worse theory of "perpetual growth" which ignores ecological limits in a short-sighted tragedy of the commons, endangers future generations, and asserts that Americans are somehow "entitled" to 40% of the world's resources every year when we have only 5% of the world's population. Worse, American parades this lifestyle of excessive consumption, dangling it in front of their poor exploited trading partners, as if EVERY 5% of the world could be the same! (Math obviously not being Republicans strong point - they're too busy praying and fighting against science in school to actually be educated, apparently. But I digress.)

Why would anybody agree with this bizarre agenda? I don't understand how any of this could even be debatable! It's all pretty clear to me. America's government should serve America's people, period. It's NOT our job to provide free policing for the rest of the world. Foreign military bases should be closed and wars stopped immediately. It's NOT our job to ram globalism and economic imperialism down other nations' throats. No more "free trade" that promotes outsourcing and rewards third world despots who refuse to grant their own people wage and labour, safety and environmental laws that the American people insist on for ourselves. It's NOT a fair and free democracy if Congress and the wealthy elite enjoy privileges the rest of us don't have, and are above the law. Congress's special healthcare and retirement plans should be disbanded immediately, and they should have to use the same social security the rest of us get and buy the same private for-profit insurance that they insist the rest of us buy. And they shouldn't get ANY retirement plan other than their own private savings. Congress was never intended to be a person's primary employment - even the founding fathers agree to that. But Republicans are fighting to the death to deny you non-profit single-payer healthcare and defined benefit retirement while they themselves enjoy both.

That's what you're voting for when you vote Republican. If that's not what you want, then don't do it. Walk away. I did it, and so can you. It's time to say "NO!" to their insanity and vote to use our tax dollars for our own benefit for a change - to provide for our own people, to secure our own borders, and to invest in self-sufficiency at every level: homegrown food, home generated power, mass transportation for everyone, high-tech k-college education for our own kids future, high quality research at colleges to propel innovation, and a strong social safety net that recognizes the basic human right to life via healthcare and decent housing, and so on. If this is what you want our tax dollars to do, then don't vote Republican. It's that simple.

If you think enriching the 1% further will actually benefit you, that pouring money into overseas wars and military occupation of other nations will actually benefit you, if you think continuing to use resources as if they will last forever and destroying the environment in the process is a good idea, if you think gutting the social safety net will actually benefit you and your family, if you think being dependent on foreign nations that hate us for our fuel and food and technology is a good idea, and if you think there's nothing wrong with social darwinism (i.e. the survival of the richest), if you think you and your kids and their family can survive on mc-wally-wort wage jobs with no benefits, then you need to ask yourself where you got these ideas, because they are not based on any sort of factual reality. And if you vote for these myths, you will get what you asked for. And they'll be laughing all the way to the bank - with your money - just like McConnell.