Friday, September 14, 2012

The Plantation Mentality returns with a vengeance.

It's fun, sometimes, to troll.

I received a letter today from the Andy Barr campaign asking "which agenda I choose" for this "future of America ballot." The choices were:

___ Andy Barr

* Lower Taxes
* Less spending/fiscal responsibility
* Pro-Business/Employment Policies
* Independent, common-sense
conservative solutions
* Repeal Obamacare

_____ Ben Chander

* Ballooning Deficits, Reckless Spending
* Job-Killing Taxation/Regulation
* Special Interest Favoritism
* A willing tool of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama
* Works hand-in-glove with Obama
to kill the coal industry

I decided to respond to this fair and well-balanced assessment of the respective party platforms with some written comments that I put in the mail in the envelope Barr sent with his survey. It goes like this:

Dear Mr. Barr,
I have received your recent mailing entitled “ballot for America's future” and noticed several errors. I would like to submit, for your reference, a corrected version of the mailing:

____ Andy Barr for Congress:

* Lower taxes on the wealthy, shifting of the tax burden onto the poor

* Less Spending on American citizen's actual needs, more spending on the military industrial complex instead of guaranteed retirement, free education and non-profit single-payer healthcare enjoyed by people in real first world nations.

* Pro-Robber Baron policies that enable employers to continue to deny their employees living wages and benefits, policies that return American working conditions to the days of sweatshops (as American employers are doing to their developing nations employees already), and of course the gutting of all worker safety and environmental regulations so we can all enjoy acid rain once again, along with poisoned well water, air and soil like the third-world backwaters American employers enjoy trashing to this day – and let's not forget the leveling of American wages with serfs in developing nations who are paid pennies on the dollar for their day's work.

* Solutions that represent only the minority white evangelical Christian view while simultaneously violating every principle ever taught in the Bible, such as public support (via mandatory tithing) for the poor, elderly, widowed, sick and fatherless, as well as violating the Biblical prohibition against profiteering off the poor by charging fellow citizens interest and usury, to name just two. (Since the primary backers of the Republican party are those self-same usurers and CEOs profiteering off the poor and sick I can see how this might cause you some cognitive dissonance.)

* Enabling for-profit insurers to once again deny treatment to people, especially children, with chronic illnesses by capping their lifetime benefits, excluding people with pre-existing conditions, excluding college kids from their parents policies, and excluding co-pay free contraception so that poor people who can't afford prescriptions continue to produce more kids than they can support.

You might want to add a few more points that you missed in your mailing, probably due to lack of space. For instance, you might include this graphic that shows where the Republican party as led this country by perpetually minding other people's business, warmongering and pushing American Imperialism:


I didn't address the coal issue, in part because it is too baffling for me to understand why energy independence and new jobs galore in various new factories and domestic energy production facilities would be something Republicans oppose in the first place. That makes no sense.

The rest of it is exactly what I blogged about last time - the Republican party has no interest whatsoever in meeting the needs of the American citizens the government is theoretically supposed to serve. Instead, it wants to turn citizens into surfs.

I have come to the conclusion that Southern Republicans, in particular, still suffer from a plantation mentality. On the plantations, the old white guy was in charge, and everybody else were lesser beings who neither received nor deserved (in his opinion) decent wages, housing, working conditions, or education. Now this mentality has spread to the whole party.

That's the only explanation I can think of for the Republican policies that favor the 1% and literally leave the poor on the street to die if they have no housing or insurance. This is not what a moral country should look like, and it isn't what any real first world country looks like. Only "conservative" Republicans want to throw away every bit of progress made for ordinary citizens in the last 200 years and replace it with a corrupt and oppressive reign of Robber Barons that is Mitch "let them eat cake" McConnell's wet dream.

So if a de-facto return to slavery and indentured servitude isn't your idea of fun, then don't vote Republican, class. It's that simple.

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach Rosh Chodesh. Way we all live in a fair, peaceful and just new year.

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