Saturday, May 10, 2014

My own personal Exodus

I am sure pretty much nobody has been wondering what I've been doing lately and why I haven't posted much lately, but I will tell you anyway. It has been a stressful journey of ups and downs.

Late last October I quit my job for good reasons. Very good reasons. I applied for unemployment and my boss decided to fight my claim, a particularly insane move because it meant I would have to tell the STATE why I quit, which was sure to cause him problems. Long story short, he lost. I began receiving benefits at the end of January.

From October until this week, I have stepped up my volunteer activities. Of course, I was required to apply for at least one job each week, and I did. Informing the potential employers I could not work on Shabbat or Jewish holidays was a pretty good poison pill. This gave me plenty of time for volunteering and figuring out what I want to do with the rest of my life. Yea?

One of the things I decided to get rid of is the condo where we are currently living. Some years back I sacrificed my yard and vegetable garden so the boys could be within walking distance of a good education, in a neighborhood with like-minded people. Now that my youngest is in his first year of college, I decided I wanted my garden back. Thus began the quest for a new house. We put our condo on the market in December, and was promptly confronted with the worst winter this area has seen in decades, wherein each weekend more and worse snow and ice prevented anyone from looking at our home.

And I said "$%(*@#()$*%" because March rolled around - time to begin preparing garden plots - and we had only had one showing. Meanwhile we half-heartedly looked for a new house because the sale prices for the condos in this development were pretty wildly disparate, meaning we had no idea what sort of down-payment we would have on a new place. Of course, I had a vague idea of the price range I wanted for a new home, knowing how much of a monthly payment we could afford and not wanting to go beyond that (regardless of what the mortgage brokers say. Let me tell you, they are STILL trying to get people to sign up for mortgages they cannot afford). Our real estate agent was also dismayed by my firm insistence that I know what we can really afford. Her commission, of course, would be better if we bought what we were "qualified" to buy. Not a chance.

So in April two things happened, one is someone else finally looked at our unit and decided to buy it. Yea! Then we found what seemed like a nice place to buy, in a very walkable sustainable area, only to find out the place had some rather serious foundation problems in the back, so we withdrew our offer. Boo. Then we found another place which was great in every way - Yea! - except it is located rather far away from everything I want to be near. Boo. With the closing date on the condo careening toward us, we decided it would do. Ok.

The inspection on this one went well. Yea! But the appraisal came in below the price that we had agreed to purchase, which was a problem for our credit union. Boo. Looking at losing the sale, they accepted the slightly lower price. Yea, because I didn't want to have to find a short term apartment lease or live in a hotel. Double-yea!

Then our buyer got her inspection, and decided we needed to replace windows - expensive boo. Also the attic fan was kaput. Boo again. I call the electrical guys to come fix the fan, and they do. Yea. I call the glass company the buyer recommended, and that has been a fiasco. Two large windows "needed" to be replaced, one they didn't even try because when they unwrapped the glass, it had a giant scratch in the middle of it. The other window they broke trying to install. It will take another week to re-order the glass - which is AFTER the supposed closing date! Uber Boo!

So I have a closing date from the realtor and I line up the movers and the cleaning service...and the closing date may not now work. Also, because it is apparently going to be in the middle of next week, after the deadline for payment, we will have to pay another @#$%(*$ condo fee for May. Boo.

So now my stress level is off the chart.

Also, in December, I decided to prepay for my certification exams. I have a year to take the exams - Yea! But I only had until May to have free online training classes, and that time has now passed without me having completed all of them. Boo. No worries, the textbooks are good - yea. But expensive - boo. I haven't had any time at all in the last few weeks to study at all. Boo again.

On the upside, I did find a new half-time job with a Jewish employer - yea. I start work in the middle of the upcoming move. Boo. Also, no vacation time will be accrued for attending the Hadassah national conference this summer. Boo again. On the other hand, I work from home and still have time for volunteering. Yea!

Still don't have health insurance. Boo. Neither do the boys. Boo again. That's a long story for another post.

Diet is going poorly, to say the least. I am a stress eater. Uber boo. Right now, the house is a wreck, half the stuff is packed and the rest is scattered around to be sorted, categorized and packed or donated. My poor hormones are so whacked up at the moment I have experienced "that time of month" every two weeks for the last month. Hubby not happy. Of course, he has an eternity of vacation hours accrued that he has not used and could certainly stay home and help pack and do the minor repairs instead of me having to do it all, so I'm not feeling much sympathy for him at the moment. Meh.

Have been spending way too much eating out, and it's not like that stuff is healthy, organic food. Boo again.

When everything settles down, though, we will be in a better financial position with lower monthly mortgage payments, no condo board fee, and a bigger home with a nice yard and garden, and even a garage that could grow up to be a catering business someday. Uber yea!

So as I type this at 4:25 am EDT being too stressed and wound up to sleep, breaking Shabbat in the process, and having to be at shul at 9:30 to heat the food and prepare the social hall for kiddush lunch, I am hoping that peace and calm will finally prevail. The promised land is within sight - will I ever get there?

**Also, I am sad to see that Jblog central has closed up shop. No more A's on my papers, I guess. Boo.**

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